Premiere: Jay Alan Kay Drops Minivan

For near on 20 years at this point Grand Rapids based songwriter Jay Alan Kay has been making music with his pals in all sort of bands and projects, most notably the folk punk outfit Singing Lungs. Well the time has come for Kay to step out on his own with a planned 13 song debut solo LP of impulsive singer/songwriter tunes. A first taste of his new solo work comes from this DIY tune called “Minivan” which seems to be about what sounds like a pretty sweet Astro van. The style conjures up images of other punks greats who went solo like say Chuck Ragan, but Kay delivers something so much more honest and intimate that gives his sound a much more endearing quality.

Jay Alan Kay’s new solo album, Songs Before Work, will be released by Setterwind Records in March, 2024.


Straight Rocker From Fluung

For the unfamiliar, Fluung is an indie rock n roll band from the musical mecca of Seattle, Washington. Harkening back to their city ancestors, the band has a very no nonsense, “let’s just rock” approach to their songs with an incredibly full sound for a three piece group. Latest single, “Decades”, is a prime example of Fluung showing off their post-punk, hints of grunge inspired brand of rock music. Check it out below.

This song will appear on new album The Vine due out October 14th via Setterwind Records on vinyl and Den Tapes on cassette.

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