Last Week’s Jams, Today (11.14 – 11.18)

It’s that time of year when songs begin to dry up for some reason, as we’re all just expected to put our lives on hold to gather some lists for you to browse. Still, we managed to get some new tunes out your way, hoping to keep your eyes on the prize. I loved the new Spice World tune, and was fortunate to be able to run a video premiere for the latest from Shaki Tavi. We’ll likely still have a handful of tunes for you this week, but will likely take a little break ourselves to kick it with our families.

Shaki Tavi Share Crime Video

A few weeks back, LA’s Shaki Tavi dropped their Shaki Tavi EP, a collection of 8 scalding rock tunes that were likely to burst a speaker cone or two, should you turn it up too loud. But, lurking deep in the heart of the EP was this striking bit of solace, a melodious piece of pop that sort of crafted a moment of balance if you were listening from start to finish. It clung to the darker edges of the group’s sound, yet it never went beyond the jangling notes that hung in the air. Today, we’re really stoked to be able to offer you a visual glimpse of the tune, as the group have just released this new video. The video hits on this solitude that I think comes through in the meandering notes that drift in and out of the tune. You’ll find this track inside the Shaki Tavi EP, now available through Mutation Records.