No Suits in Miami Sign with Shelflife

We’re big fans of Swedish hitmakers No Suits in Miami, and it looks like we’re not the only ones out there, as the group just announced they’re signing up with Shelflife to help release their new record. We’ve covered a few of the singles attached below, but when groups you love go big, you’ve got to send out a reminder. The four songs below all offer a tethered dream pop vibe, though I think each one illustrates the diversity the group aim to bring to Nothing Ever Happens; I think I’m definitely backing “Buffy” as one of my favorite tunes on this whole LP. The whole album drops on March 25th, but pressing play below allows you to sample four great pop tunes!

Salt Lake Alley Share I’m Always Near

There’s a certain brand of indiepop that always makes me think of discotheques after with fun lighting and easy flowing booze; I see myself in this scene, arms flailing and kicking up my feet on the dance floor while wearing a shit-eating grin across my face. I think of bands like the Lodger, and now I’m thinking of Salt Lake Alley; the Swedish duo with my favorite track of the week dropping today, courtesy of Shelflife. Just listen to the jangling guitars and the way they immediately get your toes tapping, coyly teasing you to join in on the fun in this tune; it’s like listening to the prime-era Smiths, except you know that this band isn’t full of shitty humans. You’ll find this track on their new LP, It Takes Two, out later this year.

Astral Brain Share A Dream Video

I’m sort of hooked on the sounds of Astral Brain; they seem to have hit upon a sound that sounds both present and slightly nostalgic. You can certainly hear the psychedelic construction in the guitars and the seductive steadiness of the vocal delivery; it lets you melt into the imagery of the video, which is perfectly suited. But, just as you felt comfort in a familiar sound, the track hits the 2:10 mark and takes on this jazzy bounce that adds an uplifting nod to the track’s heavy nature, allowing the tune to gallop towards a dreamy, yet energetic, close. Their album the Bewildered Mind is now available via Shelflife.

Shoestrings Share Gone Video

We brought you “Gone” back in September, signaling the return of long-running synth pop act Shoestrings. The song has this vibe that seems right on par with acts such as Red Sleeping Beauty; the sort that has the subtle nod from electronica and the dreaminess of classic pop. And, here we are today with a video for said track, equally as charming as the song itself. The star of the song is a bunch of children, hopefully just having fun listening to the track at hand…and even if not, they play it off well. Not everyone loves kids, but if you do, you’re going to be damned smitten with this video! Expectations is out on November 5th via Shelflife.

The Catenary Wires Share Always On My Mind

In case you missed our announcement last week that we’ll be helping put out the Swansea Sound cassette, you now have another reason to celebrate the music of Rob Pursey and Amelia Fletcher, but this time with their other project, The Catenary Wires. They recently released Birling Gap, and this song is one the surefire hits, so they’ve given it the video treatment to coincide with some UK tour dates. Clearly, anyone that listens will swoon over the interplay between Rob and Amelia, particularly as you watch the joy Rob has in singing these tunes. But, lets take a moment to shout out the backing vocals from Fay, Ian and Andy; they kind of roll across this tune with a huge wall of sound, splashing the song with this heavy harmony that would make Brian Wilson jealous. Birling Gap is available now from Shelflife.

Always You Share Have It Your Way

This Friday we’ll finally get to hear the whole of the new LP from Always You, the band led by the Hochheim brothers, and formerly known as Ablebody. Before we get there, we’ve got one last listen to tease our tastebuds; this one’s sort of a lounge dream pop tune. Guitars and atmospherics create this green screen backdrop of smooth listening, allowing for the sedate nature of the vocals to billow through your speakers, washing over you like a warm rain. You even get a nice little sax solo to sort of up the smooth pop approach of this number. Bloom Off the Rose is out this Friday course of Shelflife and Discos de Kirlian. Also. This song is in no way affiliated with Burger King. So I’ve been told.

Always You Announce Bloom Off The Rose

We couldn’t be more excited for the debut album from Always You, the new band featuring the Hochheim brothers (Ablebody, PoBPaH, etc). We’ve heard a few of the hits coming from the debut album, but today that all comes together with an official announcement and release date! I love the twinkling synths and guitar working over that bubbling rhythm section from the get-go; it sets up the mood to play just on the edge of dance-worthy. That pulse works great to set up the creative croon of the vocals, with added bonus points going to the light backing vocals that work their way into this tune during the chorus. Interestingly, the song, while maintaining this great feathery pop quality seems to hang out on the edge of the dance floor; it sort of toys with you, unsure if you’re tapping your toes or grabbing your bestie and flailing about. Bloom Off the Rose drops on July 16th via Shelflife and Discos de Kirlian.

The Luxembourg Signal Share The Morning After

Perhaps I’m too easy to please, but there are definitely some easy indiepop tricks that sucker me into a good tune, not that The Luxembourg Signal need employ such tactics to win me over. Nonetheless, one such little nuance pulled me deep into this tune, and it happens right at the 58 second mark. Up until then, we’ve got a casually meandering guitar line over some structured rhythm with softened vocals. But, and its slight, another guitar crashes the party, allowing the drums to join in with a heavier hand, pushing the song into the dream pop perfection. It’s like indiepop slight of hand, and that’s not the only ace up the sleeve in this track…you’ll have to listen with a close early to catch some other nuanced moments, so go on and peel this pop banana back. The Long Now will be out on October 23 via Shelflife and Spinout Nuggets.

Nah Share Finger on the Map

Nah… have been on our minds since we first heard their Summer’s Falling EP in 2018, and while we’ve been waiting for a full LP, they’ve dropped in a single here and then to keep our eyes (and ears) on the prize. Their debut self-titled LP is a week or so away, so we’re happily sharing another single to encourage your purchase. For an indiepop band, they sure offered a nice twist on the opening here, giving us more of an almost classic rock chug bouncing back in forth in our speakers. When Sebastian enters with his curled croon, the song softens up a little bit, though there’s still some heavy-handed riffs hanging back there; I just loved the energy this song pushed forward from the start. All that said, the group does start to see-saw back towards the purely indiepop side of things around the 2 minute mark with Estella Rose poking her voice into the fray. Once there, the song bursts into this euphoric dream state of swirling melodies and squawking horns, riding the song to an emphatic close that’s both catchy and boisterous. Nah drops on September 23rd via Shelflife.

Lost Tapes Share Six by Six Video

Last year’s The Bill EP was a really great listen from Lost Tapes; it was four incredible pop tunes that had the duo working at the peak of indie pop. One of the highlights was “Six by Six,” using these softened melodies from Pau and RJ to entrance the listener; it was dreamy in feel, but buoyed by the percussive bounce throughout the song’s duration. The video is using found footage pieced together to kind of draft the song’s narrative; I’m particularly interested in this punk rock kid dancing about in his bedroom…feels like someone had a camera in my childhood home. It’s a great reminder of the longevity of great songs, showing us that years later the song still has the charm. This EP is available courtesy of Shelflife.

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