Premiere: Static Daydream Blast New Single

staticWhy use the term blast, you ask? Please, press play. Immediately, you’ll be hit by a wall of squalling guitars from Static Daydream, echoing loudly in the caverns of your mind.  But, while your ears adjust, listen closely.  Vocals are soft, barely audible.  Then, the pop sensibility that’s been bubbling just beneath the tune’s surface pervades, and the wall of guitar noise is completely removed, making way for an electronic outro that serves as the perfect calming closure to this storm of a song. Saint Marie Records will be releasing the group’s self-titled debut in August; it’s perfect for those of you that love your shoegaze music loud and accessible.


Starar Offer Up New Tune

stararOur friends over at Starar in the UK tossed us this tune the other day, and the dreamy guitar lines encouraged me to share it with you immediately.  The duo has long been exploring their sound, and through their growth, you’ve been able to see them land at the beautiful place where we find “Talisman.”  You’ll hear distorted guitar softly echoing in your ears, while the two smoothly deliver their lyrics beneath that crashing wall of noise.  If you like what you hear, visit them HERE and listen to tons of other great songs the band have to offer you.

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Dreamy Track from Weeknight

weekIf you’re looking for escapism via your musical listening, then you’re in luck if you turn on this new single from Weeknight.  The tune has this dark haunting quality, using jagged guitar chords to burst through the dense shadow of the track.  Sure, it falls in line with the nostalgic movement towards recreating the JAMC sound, but I’m impressed by the fact that it’s done with only two hands at the helm. This New York duo will release this new single on April 21st via Dead Stare Records, but you can stream the track below right now; I suggest you do!

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Shoegaze Craze With Star Tropics

1554348_588335547943054_2733155565290083228_nStar Tropics, who hail from Chicago, have been somewhat quiet since they first emerged in 2013, but now now they’re back and you should be jumping for joy. Why, you may ask? Because this band is creating killer shoegaze music that is bound to be big. Below, you have the infectious duo of this band’s first studio tracks in two years, and they certainly do not disappoint. First up is “Summer Rain,” which has infectious dream pop hooks all throughout, accompanied with bombastic percussion and dueling male/female vocals that will crush you with sunshine. “Swept Away,” is pretty special as well, allowing for the addition of jingly-jangly percussion and those glossy guitars that don’t quit. I’m telling you, this band is special, and they should be at the top of your watch list of up-and-comers.

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ATX Spotlight/Show Preview: Chicon (02.19)

chiconI’m always down for more shoegazey/dream pop to love, but even more so down for shoegazey/dream pop that comes from our sweet sweet city. So I’m quite pleased to introduce you to some locals to love, Chicon, a four piece who’ve been putting out music since the summer of 2013, according to their Bandcamp page. Their sound is a mix of wistful noise pop and jangly rock, with dueling male and female vocals from Jeremy Diaz and Lila Paillon. The song I’ve got for you below is from their sophomore record, Sin Ti, which came out last summer digitally, but is being released physically this Thursday(02.19) at Hole In the Wall (doors @9:00pm). “Crush” gives you just a little taste of what this band has to offer you, so listen to the rest of Sin Ti here and head out this Thursday to throw some love towards these folks.

Bummer City? More Like Bummer Vacation


Bummer Vacation, besides having a pretty rad name, are a self-proclaimed shoe-gaze punk wave band from Fort Worth. They put out their debut album last summer, but now they’re back with this single, “Silver Hands.” What I really appreciate about this track are the little details that this band has incorporated; they’ve got a traditional punk-wave sound with twangy guitars and plenty of reverb on the vocals, but these guitar licks are super sharp and the percussion feels light and airy. There’s no such thing as too much shoe-gaze music. Enjoy.


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Stream Mentalease’s New Album, Indian Summer

endienI love writing about Mentalease; the Ohio three-piece has a habit of gracing these pages quite frequently.  So why bring you more? Why the hell not?  I’ve been jamming to their new LP, Indian Summer.  The entire album is really something special, falling in line with some nostalgic shoegaze nods, though if I’m honest, the whole record sounds like the Terry Malts if you removed the caffeine.  There’s still a pop sensibility, but the songs unfold slowly, allowing for the group to really focus on maximizing their sonic exploration.  This is really a place where you can spend much of your time today, if you’re into that sort of thing.

More New Music From She’s So Rad

Right at the beginning of summer I posted about this up and coming New Zealand band She’s So Rad and their fresh new take on the shoegaze movement.  Today the band just sent me over this new track “Time” which is similar in style to the first track we heard from the band “Confetti”.  I see tons of promise for this band and I expect more great things to come from them in the upcoming year.  A new album is said to be on it’s way sometime in the early part of 2013, so stay tuned here as the information develops.


Download: She’s So Rad – Time [MP3]

Dark Shoegaze from The Perfect Needle

It’s been a pretty awesome couple of months for Brazil’s The Perfect Needle; they’ve drenched several singles in dark atmospheric haze, and this is just the latest of those singles.  There’s not too much info about the band, other than their country of origin, but both singles really have something to offer listeners.  I’d be careful to listen to this track with the volume turned up too loud, as you’re likely to either bust your speakers or your eardrums.  You’ve been warned folks.


Download:The Perfect Needle – Keep Out [MP3]

New Heavy Pop Track from Bloody Knives

There’s a lot less blood on the hands of Bloody Knives than one would expect, if you were going by their name and the title of their most recent album Blood.  That being said, it’s sort of irrelevant because the music they’re making is pretty incredible, and you can grab that record from Saint Marie Records.  As a kid who grew up with his fair share of angst, there’s a darkness captured in the song itself, but the combination of shoegaze elements transforms the song itself, giving it a metallic sheen to coat its pop attributes.  Totally enjoying this one.


Download:Bloody Knives – Bleed Out [MP3]

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