Charming New Sleep Good Album

One of the great things I love about Sleep Good is that they pop up out of nowhere, just when things seem to have gotten stale. This last week, Will Patterson’s project dropped Bohemian Grove, the latest full length; it might also be the best work he’s crafted to date. I like the fact that it’s all styled similarly, though each track takes on its own role in the record. For instance, “Bombay” opens up the record with this relaxed, almost beach-laden, vibe; it has this light vocal that floats throughout. Then, “Ridin High” takes on this crooner charm, though the backing vocals hold a similar lineage to the opener. Take the journey through Bohemian Grove below; grab the LP version from YK Records.

Sleep Good Is Back with a New Single

It’s been a few years since we last heard new music from Will Patterson’s project, Sleep Good. He’s back now with a brand new album titled Bohemian Grove, and I couldn’t be more excited to hear what he’s bringing. I love the bouncing piano lines that hit in the background, but the swelling wall of sound that spins around the chorus is pretty remarkable. His pedigree includes working with SoundTeam back in the day, but I suggest you also take a listen to Skyclimber just to refresh your ideas on his gifts. Look for the new LP later this year in August.

ATX Spotlight: Sleep Good/Austin Leonard Jones

a2921849332_16We’ve always been a fan of Will Patterson’s work and his time with Sleep Good has been no different over the last several years.  Today we are being treated to a new split EP featuring two new songs from Will & co. and two songs from fellow Austin songwriter Austin Leonard Jones.  Your Sleep Good songs on the split of course feature some great shoe gaze style pop music with a little bit of psych underlying everything.  Songs from ALJ are certainly in the singer songwriter vain, but with a little bit of quirkiness to provide some nice pop elements.

Stream the entire new split bellow and of course throw the guys a few dollars on bandcamp if you dig.

Austin Spotlight: Jam the New Sleep Good Album

sleepytimeAs we reported last year, Sleep Good has been hard at work on his new effort, and it’s finally going to see the light of day.  It’s predominantly electronically infused ambient music, but don’t let that lead you in the wrong direction.  Just imagine Black Moth Super Rainbow early on, yet slowed down with subtle touches of accessibility for every listener.  Dream Dealer is the perfect listen to put on while you do work around the house or party in your friends backyard.  There’s so many delicate moments that will draw you in that you won’t want to skip towards the next song.  Here’s to your Friday and drifting through your day.

Austin Spotlight: Sleep Good Release New Single

godTypically, I fill our pages with Norman Wanklord rock and roll revelations in the Austin scene, but today I wanted to take a look at the ambient side of Austin’s music scene with long-time ATH favorite, Sleep Good.  Will’s been busy working on other varying projects, but he’s returned to his studio to complete the work that will comprise the entirety of his new record, Dream Dealer.  The song below is just a little taste of the instrumental structures he’s been able to compose, which no doubt also influences the film’s he’s been able to score (with some T. Malick character).  Look for his full return when the LP hits on January 6th.


Austin Spotlight: Sleep Good Return

sixsongsIt’s been almost three years since we last heard from Sleep Good, who won us over with their album, Skyclimber.  But, via an email from the band, they’re currently in the works on two albums.  I’m not sure on the details, but if we go off their latest release that quietly came at the end of December, it’s likely to feature pop gems and instrumental numbers.  Personally, just looking at the titles of the tracks on their Six Songs EP, which may or may not be part of the upcoming albums, the band seems to wholly identify with Austin; they have a song called “Shoney’s” for crying out loud.  Regardless, it’s good to see the band back to work, and we here at ATH can’t wait to hear what more comes our way.  

Take a listen to some new tunes.

Show Preview: KVRX End Of Summer Show @ The Parish (8/26)

Date 8/26/12
Location The Parish
Doors 7pm
Tickets $5 @ Frontgate

For those of you recovering from a weekend hangover and looking for a good show, head on over to The Parish on Sunday night for a nice show put together by local station KVRX.  The lineup features a slew of great local talent in the form of The Young, Sleep Good, Belaire, East Cameron Folkcore, and The White White Lights.  It’s rare that you’ll get to see this much talent in one night for such a cheap price.


Download: Sleep Good – Summer Explosion [MP3]

New Jams from Sleep Good

It’s always great when you realize one of your favorite local acts is putting out new music.  Sleep Good has been quite, at least with recorded tunes, since  2010, but I just figured out that they’ve recently dropped their new Monsanto 7″.  It’s definitely a gem, and I’m loving the A-Side “Summer Explosion.”  You’ll hear some soaring vocals fitting to an Austin summer, and my personal favorite is the way the guitar sounds here, with just hints of hip movement. I’m glad to see these guys are back, and I look forward to catching their show over at the Mohawk on August 3rd.


Download:Sleep Good – Summer Explosion [MP3]

Show Preview: Shivery Shakes EP Release @ the ND (3/3)

Date Saturday, March 3rd
Location The ND
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $7 @ the Door

Those of you that didn’t see me raving yesterday about the excellent new EP from Shivery Shakes, then you should definitely check out our REVIEW.  But, for those of you also looking for a great local show, you need to head to the ND on Saturday night.  You’ll get the jangling sun-pop of Shivery Shakes, not to mention a chance to grab their EP, but you also get to see some other local acts like Sleep Good and Burgess Meredith.  BOY, who I’ve heard wonderful things about, will also be joining the festivities. Oh, and the first 50 through the door can grab a cool package with a poster, EP, and buttons included!


Download:Shivery Shakes – Wait [MP3]


New Tunes From Good Field

It’s new band hype time here at ATH, and today we’re here to build some hype for newish Austin band Good Field.  The band has an impressive resume featuring former members of Brazos, The Early Tapes, and even local legends Voxtrot.  Paul Price originally started the band as a solo project but has since expanding to enlist the help of several friends and putting together a 4 track EP (Said EP is actually available to stream for free on the band’s website). At their core, the band is a shoegaze pop group, but they also offer a bit more with catchy hooks that can’t be denied.

Also of note, the band has an album release show planned for Saturday at Baby Blue Recording Studio with Jesse Woods and Sleep Good both offering support.  Doors are at 8pm for that one.  $5 cover and free keg beer.


Download: Good Field – These Dreams [MP3]

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