Pansy Share Trash Single

You ever stumble upon a song that just seems like it ties all the loose ends in life together? Well, as I’m writing that, this new track from Pansy seems to completely just fit every mood and every thought. It’s not even about the lyrical content, though there’s some resonation there too, but more so about the general feel of the tune; it makes me feel connected to myself in some manner that I’m struggling to fully explain. Vivian McCall shares this intimate number, and it borders on dramatic bedroom pop and quieted slowcore. It just makes everything feel right, so if you or someone you know just needs that, then turn them onto this tune. If you dig it, Pansy will be released by Earth Libraries on April 2nd.

Slow Burning Number from Slowness

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from Slowness (5 to be exact!), but they return with this track that burns its way into your subconscious. The chords have this light twinkle, but they’re open, creating this vast space from which they begin their sonic exploration. Some bits have long drawn out vocal bits, ethereal in their presentation, afloat in the mix as it billows through your speakers; other moments find the track bending and twisting their way through the song’s closing moments. This track appears on Berths, the band’s new album, out in April via Schoolkids.