Last Week’s Jams, Today (September 27 – October 1)

Mondays, am I right? Honestly, been struggling for energy and motivation of late, but last week had some really great tunes hit, accompanied by great albums from the likes of Semihelix, Cindy and Ducks Ltd. I chose to open with this Semihelix on the mix because I’d love to take the opening 30 seconds and put it in my pocket to carry it around with me all day. Also, unfortunately, the Humdrum track isn’t on the streaming platforms just yet, so be sure you click HERE to check that great tune out!


Slow Down Molasses Share I Need the Darkness Video

Felt like Wednesday is a solid day to get involved in some heavier sounds, so its a good thing there’s this jamming track from Slow Down Molasses banging around out there. It’s toying that careful line between post-punk and noise rock, though with the skate video added in here, it seems like its harkening back to sort of melodic post-hardcore vibes. It’s melodic, but brash, and just the faintest hint of pop sensibility hanging out in there to satiate those like me. If you’re digging what they’re putting down, the Canadian band drop their record Minor Deaths on October 8th via Divine Schism and Noyse Records.