Sungaze Share Slow the Burn

I’ve really dug what I’ve gotten to hear from the forthcoming This Dream LP, so as Sungaze keeps dropping singles, I’m going to keep spending a little time with them. Honestly, when “Slow the Burn” opened, there was a brief minute when they felt like they were drawing from the organic nature of early Badlydrawnboy, but as the guitar work begins to ring in your ears, the song naturally takes on a slow burn of its own. Ivory Snow’s voice comes across heavy, offering these drifting tones that craft this natural dreaminess. Little nuanced synth stabs add some textural balance to the track, illustrating the band’s intent of touching up every little detail in their work. This Dream will be available on August 13th.

Teethe Release New LP

Going back through last week, one release I think I’d like on your radar is the new self-titled LP from Dallas band Teethe. The band are operating between that sort of bedroom emo style like fellow Texans Hovvdy, bu they also employ a bit of the North Texas penchant for slow core. I love the way this song burns slowly, like a candle giving off warmth but refusing to be extinguished. It’s one of those tunes where you can feel the emotion sort of dripping out through your speakers, rendering you moved yet immovable. Feel free to browse the rest of debut LP while you’re at it!

Gold Cage Share Shadows and Release Social Crutch

Always a fan of the slowcore style, I’m really into this new record from Gold Cage. I love how the song just feels steady, like its serving to give you a semblance of balance amidst the turmoil of your life. Plus, I’m a sucker for those meandering guitar lines snaking their way around my ears, left and right, inside and out, dropping little melodic footnotes along the way. Besides, you get the soft curl of the vocals hanging in the front of the mix, likely to leave you with daydream scars. If you like what you hear, check out their new LP Social Crutch, out today via Felte.

Enjoy Slowcore from Gladness

There’s so many people releasing albums nowadays that your’e likely to let something delicious slip by you. Such was the case when a friend sent me the recent EP from UK outfit, Gladness; I’ve been jamming their Limbo EP pretty steadily for the last few hours. As mentioned above, there’s a definite element of slowcore at play, akin to recent New Year stuff, but with that said, there’s a touch of the more modern in it. The guitars are a bit more crisp, and the vocals when used, hide deep inside the mix like an additional instrument meant to affect your mood. Maybe its up your alley?

Sara Bethe Nelson Brings Back Slowcore

saraOne of my favorite little genres of the past was the quieted pop music that got dubbed slowcore. I realize a lot of music has been created of that ilk for some time, but I’ve recently taken a liking to Sara Bethe Nelson.  There’s that slow moving emotional pull to this track, with Nelson’s sultry swoon bringing in more melancholy (at least in tone).  She’s readying her debut album, Fast-Moving Clouds, which is going to really wow a lot of folks out there, so it’s necessary for you slow music fans to add her to your list.  Look for the LP on March 10th via Burger Records.

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