Check Out This New Small Reactions Tune

Atlanta based group Small Reactions received a bit of positive praise on our site with the release of their debut LP Similar Phantoms back in 2014. The guys are back at again and sharing some new music over the interwebs today with this song called “Sliding Glass Nightmare”. While being incredibly simple, the song manages to create a truly interesting and memorable pop tune. It sort of meanders a bit while throwing in some nice bright guitars throughout. Hit it up.

Small Reactions will release new LP RXN_002 on August 4th.

Rock It Out with Small Reactions

smallerreactorsJust a few weeks ago, I thought I had found the next band to fill my Walkmen void with Small Reactions.  That being said, I think they’ve got more to offer than where I pigeon-holed them, musically speaking.  On this brand new single, they’ve got this ringing guitar that’s just huge; it’s right up in the mix ready to unleash madness.  You can hear the pace being packed on by the drum work, pushing the track forward; it’s almost falling off the tracks at points.   The group unleash their LP, Similar Phantoms, on October 28th, so you don’t have too long to wait to hear it in its entirety.

Stuck on Small Reactions

bigWhile the Walkmen have gone on hiatus, I needed something to fill that void, and in fact, I really needed someone to write a song like “The Ratt.”  Okay, so that’s not exactly what I get from Small Reactions, but I’m grateful for that, as who needs to listen to another band create another band’s song? However, this single below does share some sonic similarities, especially when you listen to the quickened pace, the ringing guitars and such.  The vocals do sound a bit more like Thom Yorke than Hamilton, but I can let that slide.  Look for the group to release Similar Phantoms via Bear Kids Recordings on October 28th.