Last Week’s Jams (6.12 – 6.16)

Summer keeps on rolling right along like the hellfire that is Texas, and the song’s just keep hitting that sweet spot. Had some old acts make a return this past week with Devendra Banhart and Sigur Ros making the cut, but also excited to see old ATH Records act Being Dead with their banging new single. Along the way we had some hits from Night Beats, Dippers, Kindsight and Sonny & the Sunsets…to name but a few of the bands we can’t seem to stop covering on our end. A good little 20 song collection for you to kick off your day here!

Softie Share Gauzy Single

I have no idea whether anyone has coined the term fog-gaze or not, but I feel like Oakland’s Softie would certainly encompass the moniker, if we were to use it. For me, the sound has this weighted mass that just creeps through the speakers and into the corners of your room as you listen. All the vocals feel like ghostly whispers, like echoes from a distance you can’t quite make out as you fall under the spell of the warbling melody riding through your speakers. Definitely a sound that should have you listening in really closely, and with fingers crossed, we’re hoping we’ll get a new EP. Track brought to you courtesy of Cherub Dream Records.

Simmering Dark Pop From Wy

Wy are a Swedish duo who hail from the city of Malm, comprised of “longtime lovers,” Ebba and Michel, who are on their way to releasing a new album, Softie, on 4/30. From that album, I’m pleased to share the track / video for “Swedish Summer,” which is a jangly indie pop tune that centers around the epic and devastating vocals that Ebba brings to the mix. The guitars meander around each other with jangly riffs, while Ebba’s vocals wrap them in a layer of smoke that is reminiscent of the likes of Daughter, but on the choruses, you’re reminded of 80s power vocals. It’s a lovely track that will pull you in for sure. Make sure you’re keeping up with Wy and check outSoftiewhen it’s out on 4/30.