Figure Austere Share Drippy Eyes Video

France is a hotbed of incredible pop music as of the last few years, and the good people over at Solidarity Club Records are bringing the bedroom pop stylings of Figure Austere all the way from Evry, France to your doorstep. In the song below you have a father dealing with the anxieties of his child, which as portrayed in the video comes with a sense of melancholy. But, children are resilient, and by the end of the video you’ve turned that frown upside down. Musically, the song recalls to me a sort of vague homage to Kings of Convenience, though spun through a sort of upbeat synthesized mixer; it’s energetic, but still feels supremely personal. If you love the song, That’s Gone Now is available today, so grab a copy HERE.

Best of 2019 According to Rat Fancy/Solidarity Club

Diana and Greg are a power team. They work together on Greg’s Solidarity Club label, and together, they rock under the name Rat Fancy; this year they released the album Stay Cool via HHBTM, and it’s definitely worth your time. Since I’m giving a good deal of list making up to our friends and idols, we reached out to see what the two thought were the best releases of 2019.

Visit Solidarity Club HERE or check out their tunes in Rat Fancy HERE.

Photo by Jessica Hinkle.


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Catchy Pop Rock from Dylan Ewen

Sometimes we get so caught up in expectations and hype that we often forget what great catharsis can come from just having fun with rock n’ roll…and that’s why I’m encouraging you to listen to Dylan Ewen. Here you’ve got Dylan with this energetic pop rock tune that’s easily the most infectious thing you’re going to hear today, or this week. There’s these little guitarmonies in there, matched by Ewen’s playful lyricisms; you’ll find yourself tapping your toes and bobbing your head, and all will seem right in the world. This tune appears on I’ve Made So Many Mistakes EP, which is being released by Solidarity Club Records on November 1st.

Another Hit from Rat Fancy

Next week that new Rat Fancy LP is going to drop, and you won’t be able to stop playing it from start to finish, so why not get into another little tease from the record? Here we’ve got this poppy bounce that’s been all dolled up in fuzz and crashing cymbals to drive home the emotive hook. I love how they tease it out too, giving you twenty seconds to build the tension before it all comes crashing down on your ears in the best way possible. Plus, I love how there’s this nostalgic feel to Diana’s voice, like she decided she could do it better than the Runaways. Anyways, Stay Cool is out on June 7th via HHBTM/Solidarity Club Records.

Rat Fancy Announce Debut LP

When I first heard Rat Fancy‘s Suck a Lemon EP, I was hooked; it was about 15 minutes of pop-laden fuzz rock that I couldn’t put down. But, that was all one hot minute ago. Today we bring you news that the band have announced their debut LP, and they’re doing so with in typical infectious fashion. The song itself is like a more raucous version of what the band teased on their EP; Diana sounds more confident and things are just a little more scuzzy texturally…and they never shy too far away from pop sensibility. For me, the video is one of the reasons I love this band; you can feel the energy of Diana and Greg as they jump about on whatever screen you’re watching this on; you want to be there, you want to be them. Sometimes, this old world of ours is crazy and frustrating and confusing, so why not just go out and make some trouble! Stay Cool will be out on June 7th via HHBTM and Solidarity Club Records.