Cats of Transnistria Share Big Sleep

Our friends at Soliti Music in Finland have been bringing us music from Cats of Transnistria for years now, and I’m grateful, as the band seem to create those listens that are fully immersive, tugging at your brain as they take you on their ethereal journeys. Today, there’s a brand new single, and it’s definitely no different, creating this cavernous depth by utilizing a heavy thumping drum; it felt for a moment like I was being marched off to my doom. That makes sense too, as the band have mentioned that their new work culls from the grooves created by the rhythm section. Still, don’t just get settled into one spot here, as you’ll be ripped from your roots when the 3:15 minute mark hits, crashing against you with thunderous beauty. Looking forward to hearing where they go as we move on!

Introducing Julian Lahdemsaki

Our friends over in Finland alerted us to a new signing for the Soliti label, with roots in the American music scene. Julian Lahdemsaki was working in the States under various monikers (Julian Jones/Moose & the Elephant), but has recently returned to his homeland in Finland. It’s here that he’s found the footing to explore the sonic landscape of a continental move, and thus created a track with multiple moves within it as well. At times, the song burrows into house grooves, popping into the mode of more modern bedroom pop with some softened vocal appearances. But, the song never stays in one place for too long, perhaps like Julian’s own life; it’s a musical narrative done mostly without words, so invest a little time in his new piece. His Young Jupiter EP will be out on May 31st.

Kaspar Announces Let Go + Share Let Go

Finnish duo Kaspar are working on something that feels supremely familiar, yet in the current climate, it feels totally refreshing. They open their new “Let Go” single with this sort of brooding bit of cool, the vocals working on this fuzzed out guitar line, steadily building the song’s groove. As progression continues, they spin that groove into something a bit more playful as they drop in a little percussion, taking notes from artists like Beck where you get to walk the line between cool and openly pop. Personally, I love the lighter vocal touch that shimmies in the back of the track. They’ll release Calling the Waters on May 17th via Soliti Music.

Soliti Welcome Kaspar to Their Roster

We love when our friends Soliti Music reach out from Finland to offer us a glimpse of what’s going on in their scene, and today, we’ve got a tune from their latest signing Kaspar; the duo will release a AA single this Friday via the label, with a sneak peek below. For all intents and purposes, the song’s a slow-moving pop ballad, but it was the way they crafted the soundscape behind the vocals that caught my ear. Early on it’s a rolling synth line, with the faintest heartbeat bubbling beneath; I love how the empty space leaves a lot of room for the melody to kind of build and grow, like a rolling ball of snow gathering mass as it moves down the mountain. Give a listen, and look out for the new single on Friday!

Pink Chameleons Share Colors Seem to Fade

Today we get to celebrate the return of Pink Chameleons, led by Paltsa-Kai Salama, who played in ATH faves Black Lizard. The Finnish project relied upon California vibes to craft this song, which you’ll immediately see upon the visuals, but you’ll likely hear in the traditional psychedelia coming through your speakers. It’s as about as true to the original style as it comes, but in that, it feels refreshing, as the genre’s been completely bastardized. There’s also some musical notes run through the talk box that continue to show Salama working through their own process in songwriting. And, its an added bonus because its being released today by our friends at Soliti! Buen proveche!

Juppe Releases Andy I Have Your Lighter

Having just released his debut album this past September, Juppe is wasting no time, turning around and dropping a fresh new single via Soliti. Originally written for a skate video, the song locks you in immediately with this seductive groove that feels like kicking and pushing on the asphalt, hair blowing in the breeze. It was that natural joyfulness that grabbed me, and then the vocals offer up this softened curl that really draws you into the track; I think you’ll also hear some similarities to some of the British pop rock that was breaking big in the late 00s (2000s not 1900s). Give it a listen, and if you dig it, we advise you to go back and check on Feeling Bad About Feeling Sad…, available from our favorite Finnish friends, Soliti.

Ghosts on TV Share Life in Plastic Video

The work of Finnish outfit Ghosts on TV can be disorienting, particularly if you let the beat of this tune distract you from the track’s meaty core. Drums are hit furiously, creating the blastbeat effect that makes you feel as if your speakers are torn. While I’ll admit it takes a moment for your ears to adjust, the song eventually opens into this beautiful stretch of shining pop. That, too, eventually fades, as the group continue on midtrack to explore a more post-rock territory, with thunderous drums meeting cascading guitar notes as they jettison off into the horizon. The group will release their self-titled LP via Soliti Music on April 14th.

Juppe Joins Up with Soliti Music

Our good friends Soliti Music over in Finland have just signed up to work with Juppe, an artists spinning his own brand of funk and pop and folk, buoyed by a sense of camaraderie during the pandemic. But, just as the front half teases you with pop expectations, wait until the back half spins this distorted noise-skronk stomp; there’s no boundaries in the band’s songwriting, which is something that means a lot to me these days. It’s a tune that works playfully, then fades with bombast, so interested to hear where the project goes from here.

Ghosts on TV Announce Self-Titled LP

We’re spending our Monday with some longer tracks, letting the mood of the week sink into our skin; below, we have the new single from Finnish outfit Ghosts on TV, who just announced their self-titled LP on Friday. They’ve constructed this beautiful lyrical video, featuring the lyrics placed over various scenes of nature; occasionally those shots are obscured, tying into the vibe of the melody in the song, hidden softly beneath a wall of feedback and noise. I love how the band stretch the stereotypical sound by layering in various other textures, like the string work, adding a layer of elegance to the tune. If you’re enjoying what you hear, the band release their self-titled LP on April 14th via Soliti.

Stream Team Play’s Debut Album, Wishes and Desires

There’s always a soft spot in my heart for really moving pop music, such as you’ll find in the debut album from Finland’s Team Play. The duo have called this collection “gothic hymns,” celebrating the voice of humanity; the whole of the record is really about the vocal interplay between Minja and Tapio, combining and overlapping one another as they music fills in the empty spaces behind them. “Sunrise” has this beautiful rolling opening moment that sets you up to fall in love with the brooding emotions. Personally, I keep going back to “Foggy Night,” which sparkles with this delicateness that seems unparalleled in the current climate. Wishes and Desires is available today from Soliti Music.

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