Living Hour Share Miss Miss Miss

Listening to Sam Sarty’s story in relation to the new Living Hour single, it’s easy to relate to the sentiment of missing something that symbolized your life or your love of a place or person, only to find it gone when you least expected; it seems to embrace a universal sentiment that only feels more real over the last several years amidst Covid and changing landscapes (esp. in Austin). All of this is set to a pensive vibe, one that kind of allows you to drift in and out of consciousness, as one would when waxing nostalgic about the past. You’ll hear jazzy little flourishes bubble up from beneath, as the band add depth with layering flourishes; you’ll ultimately find yourself enjoying the mental vacation the song encourages as it spins through your speakers. Someday is Today will be out on September 2nd via Kanine Records.

Living Hour Announce New LP + Release Single w/ Jay Som

I have a feeling that if you’re writing about best tunes for the week, this new Living Hour track definitely has to be up there (if not, one of my favorite tunes of the month). I got hooked on the crashing guitar opening, but love the contrast as the tune quickly slides into a more mellow space, leaving lots of room for notes to ring sharply in your ears, allowing all those notes and vocals to kind of hang in the air. All that said, the song eventually slides back into the heavier notes, but I love how the mix keeps it heavy, though quiet; the vocals still have their dreaminess, even when coated with the distortion. A perfect balance between fragility and noise awaits you. The group will release their new LP, Someday is Today via Kanine in September.