ATX Premiere: Reddening West

rw-crop2-smallAs I’ve stated many times in the past, it always amazes me to try and comprehend how many talented artists and musicians we have in this town. Seriously, we are spoiled. Today I have yet another new band I’ve just been alerted to called Reddening West. The group is fronted by Matt Evans, formerly of Sleepy Holler, and also features drums from Kevin Butler of Black Books fame. When describing the sounds you’ll discover, Black Books would be a good starting comparison with some elements of singer/songwriters like JBM or even Bon Iver. Below you can find brand new single “All You Need” for your enjoyment and own comparison making. It’s a hushed tune full of beauty fit for a rainy afternoon.

A pre-order for the groups new EP,Where We Started, is currently up on bandcamp.


Single Premiere: Exiles

EXILES BAND PHOTO 4We’ve offered our support in the past for New York based band Exiles and I’m excited today to be premiering their new single here for all you fans.  Going by the name “Dawn Patrol”, the new single is in the vein of the shoe gaze genre I suppose, though a label so simple really doesn’t do the song justice.  It’s a breezy tune, full of good vibes, mesmerizing female vocals, and an almost trance inducing sound.  All things worthy of our ATH stamp of approval.

Exiles will be releasing their latest Secrets EP on tape via Beautiful Secrets and on CD via Dufflecoat Records.  Both of those links should take you to a pre-order.

Song Premiere: TAFT Ready Groove Redundant

10858522_895904757117019_8497295956566305365_nJust before our holiday break we hit you up with a new TAFT track, and now we’re back to premiere this great single, “Pillars of Duh.” My ears hear this remarkable production, with just the right amount of vocals turned up in the front of the mix, while the musical landscape is carefully crafted behind Taft Mashburn’s striking voice.  As always with the band, the voice is hard to ignore, following in the steps of dynamo’s such as Kevin Barnes; the music plays its part working in the vein of elegant art pop, highlighting the musicianship from the group.  Their new LP, Groove Redundant, will be released on Punctum Records on February 10th!

Song Premiere: New Tune from Glass Ghost

glassesThe folks in Dirty Projectors and Here We Go Magic have been crafting arty pop music for some time now, and several members of said groups have united again to continue their work as Glass Ghost.  Tomorrow the band will release their album Lyfe on the heralded Western Vinyl, and it’s being met with much anticipation…from us especially.  In this single, you’ll find those arty elements, including little touches of sampling and quality lyrical writing.  There’s creativity in the songwriting that you’re not likely to find in other corners of the indie genre.  Be sure to pick up your copy this week.


Song Premiere: Lake Effect

1898053_551850284914387_1205701683_nIt’s a day of exclusive song premieres on ATH, and I’m pumped to be sharing yet another one today from New Jersey based boys Lake Effect.  These guys have a knack for creating this raw, almost lackadaisical sounding, punk rock themed songs that I’m finding irresistible today.  Our premiere called “Molecules” is the definition of slacker rock.  One can almost see the band holding a beer in their hand while jamming out to this one at a smoke filled dive bar in the hidden corners of their north eastern home state.  Stay tuned as we hear more from these guys.  Let’s hope that we do.

Song Premiere: Dear Blanca

OHDHhpiToday I’ve been given the pleasure of premiering a song by up and coming band Dear Blanca.  Now the group hails from South Carolina, which isn’t always known as an indie-musical hot bed, and clearly a southern leaning folk sound can be found here to align with their home state.  Brand new single found below, “Boulders”, is sonic evidence of their southern roots.  It’s a track that could immediately be compared to, and possibly even inspired by, indie greats NMH.  The slow start at the beginning that eventually builds up to an intense, emotionally jarring ending makes for a truly special track.  We’re please to be the first ones to share this with you.

The band have a new album called Pobrecito due out on July 29th via Post-Echo.

New Music Premiere: The Bankees – Heaven 1 & 2

bankeesI’m going to support this band until the day I die, so I’m glad they’ve let us premiere one of their most accomplished tracks to date.  If you recall, last year I doted on Home, but the band has been hard at work crafting new sounds and a new record.  It’s titled Heaven, and currently is looking for a home (hit me up if you want to put this record out, and I’ll get you in touch).  Seeing as I’m familiar with the group, you can tell that they’ve developed their sound quite a bit, dabbling a bit in psychedelia, while still holding true to their affectingly warm pop.  I pray for big things, as the songs and the band truly deserve greater recognition.


Download: The Bankees – Heaven I & II [MP3]