Evripidis and His Tragedies Share Alegre Persona Triste

After our DJ set last night, I came home to find an email from Evripidis and His Tragedies; I knew immediately that this would be the tune that would start off our day, and perhaps yours. The track has this nostalgic bent to it, like the best of classic synth pop from the 80s, which matches up with the video’s goal to take from the likes of Grace Jones and Peter Gabriel. There’s a whole lot of bounce and natural joy that resonates from the way the song was constructed, with dual vocal harmonies hitting all the right notes. It’s subtly satisfying, but punch enough to get you going this morning.

Yawners Drop Brand New Single, Honey

In the first week of May, there will be a new Yawners LP out on the streets, and I’m totally in love with the band’s latest single, dropping before they hit up their European tour. Singer Elena Nieto wrote the track in English, then in Spanish, and now we’ve got a version that combines the two. Musically, this song hits you right in the pop punk gut, energetic and carefree from the instant you press play. There’s also a moment in this that feels like they’ve turned Glen Hasnard’s “Falling Slowly” into a pop rock tune (let me know if you hear it too, or if I’m loco!). Duplo, the new LP, will be out on May 6th via Big Scary Monsters.

Pleased to Meet You: The Lions Constellation

Spanish outfit The Lions Constellation has some familiar faces, namely RJ Sinclair from ATH faves Lost Tapes. This time RJ and friends are ditching the playful side of indiepop to give us these heavy walls of noise, but as anything with Sinclair goes, there’s definitely still a huge pop bent, albeit a noisier one!I love how each song balances the sheer noise with these delicate little moments of pop writing blended into the tunes. You get three short burners, and one drawn out, exploratory tune, so it’ll be interesting to see where the band goes on their next release; you can be assured based on the tunes below that it’s going to be deliciously loud!

Lisasinson Share Tu y Yo

There’s something about listening to Lisasinson that just makes life seem like a whole lot of fun; they fill their songs with joy and fun and hooks and riffs, in turn filling up my rock tank every time they drop a new single. In a few weeks they’ll be dropping a new mini-album, Perdona Mama, so this is our last chance to get a little sneak at what’s in store. The video is filled with antics and a solid rabbit chase, but I’m mostly sold on how consistently the quartet seem to just churn out these crushing pop rock tunes. To me, it’s all about the execution, they don’t try to do too much with the song, just staying steady around a solid vocal melody and quick rhythm lines. Seemingly simple, but it only rips if its done just right, like this lot. Look for the album to drop on April 9th via Elefant Records.

Luna Keller Shares Prophecy

As of late, the majority of my listening habits have delved into the indiepop realm, but I still fawn over a great melodic ballad, like this track from Luna Keller. I loved the song and its bare presentation at the beginning, drawing you into the vocals as strings resonate in your speakers. Still, what made this one stand out was when those little vocal flourishes raised up Keller’s voice in the front of the mix. And even then, the song still had a final change, adding in some light percussion to cement the song’s memorable quality! Just another in a string of great singles from the songwriter this year!

Aiko El Grupo Share Quiero Conocer

You know when you turn on a song and you can immediately tell its got its musical hooks in you? Well, when I turned on this new jam from Aiko El Grupo, that’s exactly how I felt, even before the vocals came into play; it just had that inexplicable bounce I wanted to be part of right away. I wanted to jump about in celebration with all my friends; I wanted beer sprayed all through the air; I wanted us all screaming at the top of my lungs. In fact, that’s exactly what I got when everything came together from this new single…if that feels like something you’d want to be part of, then you better turn it up right now! The band release their debut album next month via Elefant Records.

Torres Satellite Share La Ventana Discreta

Discos de Kirlian is one of my favorite truly independent labels; they’ve turned me onto some really great pop music from Spain that I probably wouldn’t have heard otherwise. Today, I’m super in love with new act Torres Satelite, who’ve just shared their first release via the label, La Ventana Discreta. I love the pulse of the music; it’s catchy, though relying upon it simplicity to allow the song to breathe; it reminds me in a lot of ways of Soviet. The dueling vocals from male and female singers certainly puts an added charm into the tune. Figured some folks might get on board with this tune.

Enjoy Maggie Blue by Dead Parties

Dead Parties is the work of Etienne Mamo, who has also plays in the New Black; he’s currently relocated form his native Australia to Spain, where he’s rocking his solo work like the below single. There’s some psychedelic fuzz around the corners, which, of course, I’m digging on, though I’ll admit that there’s this really great pop sensibility that rides through the core of the song that drew me in initially. It’s kind of like a chugging power-pop tune with hints of psychedelic haze. It’s a good little rocking tune, and for me, a great introduction to Dead Parties…perhaps its the same for you…or so I hope.

Spain Indie Labels Start Music for Gloves

Two things I love, Spanish indie labels, and a really great cause. Over in Spain, a bunch of the independent labels (like Bobo Integral and Meritorio) got together and gathered some rare and new tunes, put them all together, and are now releasing it under the title Music For Gloves. Each label has offered up some rarities in an attempt to raise funds to buy gloves for the hospitals on the frontline of this pandemic. I know we’ve got friends all over the world, so if this is of interest, this a great place to listen to new music and help raise funds. Here’s a new demo from my favorites, El Palacio de Linares.

Fresh 7″ from Linda Guilala

Today completes the wonderful trilogy of singles from Spain’s Linda Guilala (band/not person); they drop a fresh 7″ on heralded label Test Pattern Records. The A-side here, it’s a stunner. Guitars and texture swirl in the air like snow flurries falling to the ground, leaving plenty of space for the warm vocals to move into the picture, as well as some buzzsaw guitars; it’s probably the most complete dream pop meets shoegaze tune I’ve heard this year. B-Side will definitely display nods to Stereolab, particularly in the movement of the rhythm section whilst being coated in organ stabs, feedback and layered vocal notes. Two brilliant songs to better your Friday. Absolutely brilliant. Grab the 7″ from Test Pattern Records, or stream it all day long!

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