Get On This Terry vs Tori EP

Not sure why no one alerted me to this, but hot damn if this Terry vs Tori EP from back in January isn’t just the perfect midweek snack. The Spanish four piece sort of plays all over the indiepop map; “Larusso” seems like something every band’s been trying to capture, jangling and melodic; it’s followed behind by “Parallel Lines,” which brings in more of a dreamy element into the fold. All these things are great, and I just wish I knew about the band beforehand, as I feel like I’ve been missing out on quality listening time. Grab the remaining copies from Box Bedroom Rebels (you can grab me one while you’re at it!).

Stream Life from The Yellow Melodies

Spain’s The Yellow Melodies have been on my radar for quite some time, thanks to our friend Wally at The Beautiful Music. I think I first fell in love with their tribute album to the Television Personalities back in 2012, but they’re back with a brand new album titled Life. I’ve been jamming it quite a bit the last few weeks, and today you get your chance to get your hands on the LP. If you press play below you’ll find an album filled to the brim with charming melodies and indiepop delights; it’s a complete gem from start to finish. I could go on and on, but who needs my words…you just need the songs below!

More Music from Mourn

mournPromising young Spanish act Mourn seem to have their legal issues all figured out, so they’re going full force pushing ahead with the promotion of their new album, Ha Ha He, which is out in just a couple of weeks (June 3rd). Their latest track seems to have a dark post-punk feel to it, filled with discordant chords and a propulsive movement that pushes the track ahead. I continue to be impressed by the group’s youth, as if that matters, but their craftsmanship rivals that of their peers, who are often years older. Look for the new LP via Captured Tracks.

Lost Tapes Release New Video

12742816_1027405533983391_6617029569881673984_nBeen spending a lot of time listening to the dreamy pop sounds of Lost Tapes over the last few weeks. They just got up their debut album, Let’s Get Lost; it’s an understated bit of dreamy electro pop. I like the imagery of the video, especially the fact that it’s shot in black and white. It seems to fit well with the song, as the vocals are resting just behind the mix, at least in my ears. If the song strikes you, you’ll love listening to the record…relaxing and thoughtful, but filled with emotion.

New Music from The Parrots

12976780_1152976111399740_1616804687384298780_oSo, SXSW is a few weeks old, but the two memories that stand out the most in my mind are following around The Spook School for a few days like a fanboy, and this band, The Parrots. Honestly, I had only briefly heard about them via an out-of-date video they did with their friends in Spain, Hinds. But, their live performance was outstanding, and possibly one of the best I’ve seen in some time…especially considering they’re only a three piece. This new song captures some of that live tenacity, while illustrating just how much fun the band seem to have playing together; it’s not something you often catch in a recording. You’ll hear this track from the band’s debut album, which is slated for release via Heavenly Recordings later this year.

Stream Beautiful Pop from Bigott

biggottI’ll be the first to say that I’m not really sure about the selection of the name, but to each their own.  What I am excited about is this entire LP from Bigott; it’s that special sort of pop music that really brings you into your own world during your listening experience. Pavement Tree is just that magical of a trek though the musical landscape of this Spanish band; I’ve found it hard to find a bad song on this release.  Just allow yourself some time today to take a complete listen; you’ll be thanking me by the end of it all.



New Single from Sutja Gutierrez

artworks-000074777984-gl1dt8-t500x500While I am adamant that the current Austin scene is pretty rad, I also like to check in with other parts of the world to see what’s coming out of those regions, which is how I discovered this new song from Sutja Gutierrez.  He’s an artist from Spain who’s currently promoting Cult and Truth, his latest album.  This song is a well-produced piece of pop, relying upon electronic sounds to build a lasting melody.  The good news for you is that you don’t have to pay insane postal costs, as Bleeding Gold Records has decided to offer 100 copies of the LP, featuring really detailed cover work.

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