New One From Speedy Ortiz

DSC_3974Speedy Ortiz sent out this rocking new track “Death Note” this morning and I felt the need for more of you to hear it on ATH. Now some of you may remember us not being huge fans of the live show during SXSW last year, but the more I think about it, the more I think the band may have suffered from poor sound and set up at pop up show locations. So I’m giving the band another shot, which is easy when they keep putting out songs like this. Rock on.

A new EP entitled Foiled Again will be out on June 3rd via Car Park Records.

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The Spook School Prep Album

spook-schoolIt’s been a bit since I’ve heard from the Spook School, but by the sounds of their new single, it looks like the group is ready to come back with a vengeance. Their last album, Dress Up (2013) was phenomenal; it was upbeat indiepop. You get the hooks and charm, but it’s played with a heavier hand.  Think of acts like Speedy Ortiz or Joanna Gruesome, but with a more charmed approach, making them slightly more appealing to those with softer spots in their listening hearts. They’ll be releasing Try to Be Hopeful this October via Fortuna Pop, with a promise to take on subject matters dealing with “sexuality and being awesome.” You can also check out this really great video of the band discussing issues of transgender with LJG HERE (it’s pretty great).

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Noisey Rocker From Philadelphia Collins

11162081_1588155164801357_5294979429175898507_nPhiladelphia Collins is a new project from Devin McKnight of Speedy Ortiz and drummer Theo Hartlett formerly of Ovlov.  The dudes also brought in a ton of friends to work on their new EP entitled Derp Swervin’ due out July 24th on Exploding in Sound Records.  To preview the new material, check out new single “Sofa Queen” featuring lead vocals from Ellen Kempner of Palehound.  I’m loving the quiet beginning of the tune which eventually builds into this intense, noisey rocker.  Ya dig.

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SXSW Superlatives: Nathan.Lankford

AlvvaysWith SXSW this year there was lots of hubbub about fewer bands and less corporate entities flooding the streets, but despite all that, I still managed to have myself a good old time.  I’ve got some thoughts and awards to hand out, and these are strictly my experience, as we tried at ATH to split up and cover as much as we possibly could.  You can read on, if you’ve got the time, to see what I had to say.  Read more

New Music from Destruction Unit

dunitThis great new Destruction Unit tune is featured as one of the many singles from the Adult Swim Singles series, and while there’s been some hits, this is definitely my favorite.  I just love the wall of noise the band constructs in practically every song, especially when various pieces of the group pick up the pace mid track…drumming and guitar in this case.  You can look for other great singles coming from the series, with Diarrhea Planet and Speedy Ortiz already schedule for the next couple of weeks.  Salud.


Download: Destruction Unit – Dust [MP3]


New Jamz From Speedy Ortiz


Who knows what it is with me and rock music accompanied by driving female vocals.  It’s been documented multiple times on the site so I’ll save you the re-hash of my love for the genre and get to the point of sharing with you this new tune by Speedy Ortiz called “American Horror”.  It’s a straightforward rock number with the aforementioned sweet lady vocals giving us something to hang on to throughout.  Dig it.

Check out new EP, Real Hair, on February 11th via Carpark Records.

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Ballsy Rocker from Speedy Ortiz

3ue5_IMG1780_1I feel like Friday is going to be really loud in my head, so I may as well find some music to accompany it, right?  Nothing seems more fitting than this new track from Speedy Ortiz, the Massachusetts quartet of creative noise-rockers.  Opening guitar lines and cool vocals fall in line with traditional indie rock, but during the chorus they unleash a wall of noise and discord, not unlike many peers currently making name with a loud approach.  On April 30th Inflated Records will release a 7″ single, which will feature this tune “Ka-Prow” as the A-side.

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