Joyeria Share 9 to 5 Video

When listening to the work of Joyeria, I constantly feel out of my depth; the artists seems to completely work against the grain of indie rock expectations. After some Pavement allusions in the previous single, this one feels more like the evolution of Kraftwerk, using beats to propel the the tune and give it pace, while the lyrical content takes aim at the mundane modernity we find ourselves inside. Everything in the craft just seems to be taking dead aim at the middle road of indie rock, begging us to perhaps live further outside the lines. Take a risk, indulge below; FIM EP is out October 14th via Speedy Wunderground.

Joyeria Signs with Speedy Wunderground

Speedy Wunderground is always pushing really great music our way, so it should be no surprise that the label have picked up Joyeria. I can’t stop playing the band’s latest single to go along with the announcement. Just imagine the wordplay and tonal qualities of David Berman, but maybe its spun with a bit more of a kind of fuzz rock attitude. The verses hold the stability, setting up the chorus for this hook-laden exuberance where things get a little outlandish. This band’s already won me over with their sound, so here’s to hoping we find out more about an album in the very near future.