Austin Spotlight: New Tune from RF Shannon

rfshannonIf you haven’t heard us rave about RF Shannon until now, then perhaps you have some time this morning to let their latest track carry you away.  Earlier this year they released Hunting Songs, which surprised us, not because we expected it to be awful, but because it was such a cohesive collection of beautiful songs that we were taken aback.  They’re back again with a split 7″ with their friend Jess Williamson, which is being released today via our friends at Punctum Records.  The track below is their piece for the split, and it’s quite special.  I’ve grown attached to the piano that works beneath the guitar lines.  Definitely something you should pick up today, if you’re so inclined.

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Rock of Love from Audacity

audacityEarlier in the month I posted a Coathangers song that was going to be featured on a split 7″ with Audacity, and now I’ve got the other side of the 7″ to swoon over.  The pummeling pace from the drums is enough to stir my punk rock emotions up, but I freaking love the guitar work here too.  It’s sharp and still holds onto the furious edge that’s provided by the percussion.  It blasts through, creating a riotous mood that sinks into your bones before it fades out of your speakers.  You want to get amped up? Then pick up this split 7″ from Suicide Squeeze Records. The band will also be popping in Austin on October 24th, and we plan to be there jump up and down with the group!

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New Single from The Coathangers

artworks-000054693838-8vayzf-t500x500I’ve backed the power of the Coathangers for some time now, and things won’t change now that the group have announced an up-coming split with Audacity (another ATH fave).  On this split, the girls offer a gruffer vocal, which is actually a welcome touch; it makes the girls seem a touch more hardcore, not that they really needed it.  But, I also like the steady approach of the songwriting; it has a resemblance to the ferocity of early YYYs, yet they pull back in their own way.  The split 7″ will be available from Suicide Squeeze Records on October 15th.

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Austin Spotlight: Classy Nude Release Split w/ Quitters + 7″ Release Show

classyOne of the acts I’ve been keeping a close eye on, Classy Nude, is releasing a split with another such act, Quitters.  Both Austin acts specialize in crafting pop tunes centered around well-written guitar chords, leaving listeners with hooks to tap their toes to today. CN has been kind enough to share their part of the split 7″ with us, and we’re happy to share that track with you as well.  If you like what you hear, you can order the 7″ HERE, or you can head out to Hotel Vegas on Thursday night to pick one up in person from both bands.  That bill also includes other heavy local hitters like Act Rights, Poppy Red and RF Shannon. Dig the tune below!




Delightful New Tune from Tripping the Light Fantastic

trippingthelightI’ve been working really hard to bring this tune to you, and thanks to Tripping the Light Fantastic, I’m now able to share this incredible slice of pop music with you.  The group has recently put together a new split 7″ with Honeyheads; it’s available now courtesy of Dufflecoat Records.  I could pick a plethora of things about this song that make it stick in my head, be it the group harmonies or the random shouts of exuberance or the organ grinding in the background; I think I just am attracted to a great tune.  If you want to indulge yourself in well crafted songwriting, then let yourself get carried away in this joyous track.

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Welcome Back: Lilys

It’s been a long time since I’ve even really thought about Lilys, but I’m so glad the band is back with a new tune.  The project was always that of Kurt Heasley, and they’ve bounced around stalwart labels like Sub Pop and Slumberland, landing their newest single on Speakertree Records.  You can find the following tune on a new split with Big Troubles, another band we adore here at ATH.  It’s a gem of a pop tune, including a little bit of the quirky stylings that always made listening to Heasley so special. Do yourself a favor and seek out the group’s catalog; it’s full of hits like this.

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New Single (Split 7″) from The Daredevil Christopher Wright

Earlier this year The Daredevil Christopher Wright release The Nature of Things; I thought it was a solid effort that slowly made its way into my playing rotation, though the band received minimal press.  They return now with a split 7″ with their friends Cuddle Magic, and I hope that this is the release that brings them more interest; the song definitely warrants my approval. You’ll find a quiet track, moving along slowly, but there’s this underlying melody that is wholly captivating.  If you’re looking for something that will allow you to get lost within your soul, then play this tracks as many times as you can. I’ll see you on the other side.

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New Jam from Useless Eaters (Split w/ Nu Sensae)

Both Nu Sensae and Useless Eaters have had a good year, especially in my musical ears, so I’m pleased to present you with one of the tunes from their split 7″, which comes to you via Volcom Entertainment’s Vinyl Club.  It’s a limited pressing, and I suggest you get your hands on this rarity.  The tune I wanted to highlight is the Useless Eaters side of the release, which shows a more sprawling version of the band, rather than their precision punk rock. It’s coated in reverb, giving the listener a bit of distance between the heavy jam and the vocals.  Give it a good listen.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

New Punk Tune from The Coathangers

I’ve backed the ladies in the Coathangers for some time, and as their star continues to rise, the group only seems to get better and better.  Suicide Squeeze just announced today that they’ll be releasing a new split 7″ with the band and label mates, Heavy Cream.  This is my first listen, and it’s as bratty and catchy as I remember the group from when they came into Austin just a short bit ago. Really stoked to see what these ladies can pull off on their next full-length, so stay tuned!


Download:The Coathangers – Merry Go Round [MP3]

Fresh New Tune from New Tigers

I always liked the idea of a split 7″; to me, it shows a bit of camaraderie in the musical community.  When I first saw that New Tigers had a new track on a split with Sweden’s Top Sound, I got really excited, as I’m already a fan of New Tigers after their self-titled album from last year.  The split will be shared between Ca Ira and Soliti Music, and it comes out next week.  Both bands take a stab at covering the other group’s tunes, which is another thing I enjoy–you get to see how bands react to the music of their peers.  I’m definitely digging this track, but I knew I would.



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