Cool Aussie Jams: Hooper Crescent + Sachet

I bought a ticket to the mental struggle-bus last week, so didn’t have a solid albums of the week to run, though there were definitely some things I would have turned you onto, from my end. Both of the below Aussie outfits have already popped up on our end, but we wanted to make sure you got some stream info…with a moderate two cents…you know, to make up for my error.

Sydney’s Sachet dropped their excellent The Seeing Machine, which opens with “Crushing Whims,” which has been on a steady rotation throughout; I’d jam to the EP on this track alone. Personally, Lani Crooks vocals win on every single track; it feels like a new voice that’s begging to be your new best friend. It’s available now from Tenth Court.

Then you’ve got Brunswick’s Hooper Crescent who bring a bit of math-iness to post-punk, creating a sound that definitely bubbles with creativity. It’s a frantic bit of jittery rock n’ roll, with each track offering a different side of the rock n’ roll trends. Grab the Essential Tremors LP from Spoilsport Records.

Hooper Crescent Share Wrong Direction

Totally glad that the groovy side of punk rock is super into fashion; you’ve got acts like Snooper and Vessel taking the fun from the genre and refashioning it in their own brand…and now we can add Hooper Crescent to that mix. They’ve just tossed out a new single from their forthcoming Essential Tremors, spitting out these call-and-response vocal lines that certainly make me think of the B52s. But, while I thought I had the track pinned down, it wiggles beneath, with guitar riffs flopping and squirming all over your floor, with the band frantically trying to pick up the pieces. One half is all groove, sliding secretly into an edgy bit of funky punk. Their latest effort Essential Tremors will be out via Spoilsport Records on February 23rd!

Quality Used Cars Share Seven Minute Opus

There’s something magnificent in the way Francis Tait is executing his songwriting goals, particularly with his band Quality Used Cars. On the band’s latest single, it moseys into the bar, brimming with a sort of Aussie swagger; the track charms and draws you into the narration. At times, you feel like you’re in some old honky-tonk, being serenaded by Francis, but then its like the rest of the band jumped up on stage and you get this smoldering burn that’s hitting home with this Texas boy. The benefit of the song running over the cup, so to speak, is that you get these different little switches, like the track’s middling melodic pursuit, opening the latter half of the track to more of a solemn plod. Spending time with this track alone will immediately encourage you to go grab Quality of Life, the new LP from Spoilsport Records.

Dragnet Rip Through with M-99

Not too long ago we brought you the album announcement from Dragnet, a riotous outfit from Melbourne. Today, they’re dropping another pummeling bit of punch punk rock, but this time their unraveling a story of danger and perhaps murder? I mean, the whole tune is about the drug M-99, the drug utilized by the anti-hero Dexter; the lyrics “too late/its in your system/you’re on the table/and I’m bringing down my knife” pretty much confirm my suspicions. Still, the band easily disguise the sinister lyrics with this punchy bit of punk that begs for high volume and repeat listens! If you’re on board with me, then grab the Accession from Spoilsport Records.

Dragnet Share Strike + Announce New LP

By now we can probably all agree that the Melbourne scene is a continuous hotbed of exciting acts, with fresh bands constantly popping onto my radar. Today there’s a new single from Dragnet, who also announce the release of their new LP, The Accession. A light hi-hat and bobbing bass groove kick the song, establishing this steady, yet off-kilter, groove that will allow the song to unfold. When it does, the vocals crawl in, more spoken then sung, emphatically delivering the lyrical content as a fiery guitar line rips through the song’s center and everything just seems to speed through with a sharpness…and suddenly it stops, and we wait for the next tune. The Accession is out via Spoilsport and Polaks Records on May 12th.

Hot Tubs Time Machine Prep Double Tubble

The hotbed of Melbourne is constantly on our minds here, continuing to impress as the sounds have taken on more risks in the recent years, like Hot Tubs Time Machine, the working project of Daniel Twomey (Lower Plenty/Deaf Wish) and Marcus Rechsteiner (UV Race). Today we’ve got a brand new single, accompanied by the announcement of Double Tubble, the duo’s new LP. Daniel’s crafted the musical soundscape, like here where you get this electronic jittering, flirting with with time signatures, warping the groove into something that moves the listener. This unbalanced washing machine of electronic pulses is the perfect backdrop for Marcus’ narration; he toys with stories both humorous and mundane, crafting this lyrical vision of Australia that connects the dots for us all. Double Tubble is out on November 25th via Trouble in Mind/Spoilsport Records.

Carpet Burn Share New B-Sides

Just in case you missed last year’s Carpet Burn 7″ EP, there’s now a reason to revisit, as the band have just built in two B-sides for a compilation cassette. As you can tell on the newer tunes, the group have added in a sense of humor to their DIY pop sounds, which makes them all the more endearing, to us (and their label Spoilsport!). While “A Little More” very much feels like a Melbourne bit of pop, “Pencils and Sharpeners” expands that sound, delving into something a little more on the psychedelic tip. It’s a wonderful addition to an already great 7″, and now with the working title of I Can’t Believe Its Not the A-Side. available today on cassette via Spoilsport!

What’s Cool in Australian Music, Today

Clearly I’m struggling to not write about all the songs and all the cool things, so why not turn three posts into one, you know, just to cut down on boring you with my mundane thoughts on people’s music. So, below, you’ve got streams to 2 great LPs and a new single.



Shrapnel – Alasitas

This record’s impossible to describe in the absolute best way possible, though I’ve tried to pigeon-hole the band’s sound in the past. Just imagine bits of indie pop, elements of experimentation, prog and psych, then swirled about like the colors on the album art. This is an LP worth self-immersion.

Quivers – Golden Doubt

They’re going to get Go-Betweens comparisons, based on the band’s line-up alone, and parts of that are unfair, but parts are definitely just. What’s just is that they’re writing the same style of timeless pop tunes you want to share with everyone you love. I’m stuck on “When It Breaks” at the moment.


Delivery – Brickwork

I’ve already written about the first single from the band’s forthcoming Yes We Do EP, so, feels like we should continue that support as they offer up another frantic bouncer, an energetic frolic in fast forward. Their new 7″ will drop at the end of the month via Spoilsport!

Delivery Announce Yes We Do EP

Another day, another tune from Melbourne I can get behind; this time we’ve got a fresh new hit from Melbourne’s Delivery. The core of the song swirls around this tight proto-punk guitar line, coiled darkly in the mix so that the vocals achieve this sort of cavernous indifference that fuses the stark nature of the tune with elements of super cool. At times, you can hear little surfy guitar licks come into play, mostly between verses, illustrating what the band have in store for you down the line. Their Yes We Do EP will drop on June 25th courtesy of Spoilsport Records.

Carpet Burn Share Butterfinger Hands

First, let there be fair warning for US audiences, as this song is not at all about the heralded Butterfinger snack. But, Carpet Burn, a new act led by Kayley Langdon and Tam Richards-Matlakowski is rather paying homage to how we all let things slip out of our hands, both literally and figuratively. The song is this pseudo-psych pop that creeps in along Kayley’s synth work, almost like a pop horror score; the wonky bounce helps set up the falling vocal delivery that seems to tumble down to the ground…like any object would if you indeed did have ‘butterfinger hands.” Plus, the song wraps up with a great noisy freakout that’s sure to set fire to your soul. The band will release their I Can’t Believe It’s Not Carpet Burn EP on June 18th via Spoilsport Records.

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