Brand New Great Earthquake Number

Great Earthquake came to my musical world because Noah is a member of Lost Leaves, who I obviously raved about last year (I still do, privately). But, in his work as Great Earthquake, he takes on a different vibe, at least in so far as the tune below goes. It’s almost as if he’s crafted this number as a performance piece, with the vocals added as just another layer to the overall sound; there’s little inflection in the notes, entrancing listeners. Once you’re caught up in the song, little guitar notes begin to rise from the mix and the drum fills illustrate careful attention to detail. Thinking & Making will be released this Friday via Lost and Lonesome.

New Music from Stone Jack Jones

artworks-000065604035-0u4pf0-t500x500As the temperature drops across the Northern Hemisphere, we’re all seeking out some form of solace.  For some it’s a fire, but for me, it’s sad bastard/slow folk tunes. Luckily, this new tune from Nashville’s Stone Jack Jones came our way today, so we had to share the number.  It’s got a real slow pace, with the vocals carefully floating atop the guitar, and backing vocals added by Patty Griffin.  If you ask me, tunes like this are much better than a fireplace, but that’s just me.  His new album, Ancestor, drops on March 4th via Western Vinyl (those guys are going to have a rad 2014).


Download: Stone Jack Jones – State I’m In [MP3]