Steve Adamyk Band Drop New Single

There’s a long list of Dirtnap Records acts that I adore, and Steve Adamyk Band is just one of those in that list. So, when they announce a new album, I’m here to tell you about it. It’s an energetic pop punk blaster, furiously pumping along and best consumed at loud volumes. I dig the way the vocals have a gang vocal backing up the main vocal, giving this anthemic punch to the lyrical content. It’s good to see Steve circling back to what he and his band do best; I expect I’ll enjoy Paradise quite a bit when it drops on March 15th.

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New Music from Steve Adamyk Band

steveDammit if this isn’t the catchiest track that Steve Adamyk Band have written to date. I was caught with the guitar sounds from the get-go, but when the vocals blasted in I turned the speakers up…backing vocals are added in just the right places to maximize the tonal hook (including Colleen Green making an appearance). In a world where everyone’s excited about the revival of late emo sounds, I’d much rather turn to the classic sounds of great pop punk, which is where these guys look to be headed with their new effort Graceland. Look for the new effort on July 29th via Dirtnap Records.

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New Jam from Steve Adamyk Band

steveadamykEarlier this year I ran into a new 7″ from Steve Adamyk Band.  I was immediately excited, as a new single usually indicates a full-length is on its way.  That was just the case, as Dirtnap Records have announced that they’ll be releasing the new record from the group, Dial Tone.  This track is quick and to the point, which encapsulates my ideas about the group; they offer up a good dosage of punk rock in quick spurts, always bringing hooks that make their albums playable time and time again.  You can get your copy of the record on July 1st.

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New Punk Jam from Steve Adamyk Band

It’s been a mild week, musically speaking, with nothing really rocking coming my way.  So, when I got this new track from Dirtnap Records about the Steve Adamyk Band, a little bit of joy came across my face. It’s got a classic pop-punk sound, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  For those looking for a little bit of fun, get into this one now.  Sharp guitars, hooks, gang vocals and oh so much more.  If you dig this, you can get your hands on the group’s newest, Forever Won’t Wait, come the end of the year.  Maybe it’s just me, but this definitely made my day.


Download: Steve Adamyk Band – Landslide [MP3]