Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.25 – 4.29)

There were some great new tunes last week, and I certainly can’t get enough of some of the LPs that dropped, which we pointed you towards on Friday. The Dehd track that hit last week is for sure one of their best of late, but I’m still really partial to jamming to that Guy Capecelatro III album. Some intriguing tunes from the likes of Maria Chiara Argiro, Team Play and Rose Mercie make a nice appearance in this weeks track-listing, plus there’s a bunch of other tunes to get you started on Monday morning.

Cool Friday Album Streams: Best Bets, Steven Lambke, Guy Capecelatro III

All three of these acts have definitely featured on our pages over the last few months, and really, I probably don’t need to go into too much detail, as you’re likely just clicking for the streams, right? No biggie. You get some pop rock from New Zealand; the new album from an ex-Constantine, and a record I’ve been raving about all month. Just click on the streams, enjoy the music, and have a rad Friday.

Best BetsOn an Unhistoric Night (Meritorio)

Steven LambkeVolcano Volcano (You’ve Changed)

Guy Capecelatro IIIHeading North Again (Dromedary Records)


Last Week’s Jams, Today (3.28 – 4.1)

Weirdly, I felt like I didn’t cover too much last week, but apparently we got in at least 15 new songs, plus a few extras. I’m getting pickier in my old age, but mostly just figure you read Stereogum first, so no need to cover what they’re covering in their Premature Ejaculation column. I started out this week’s playlist with a cover from Screaming Females, but bookend it with the OG from The Selecter, cuz why the fuck not. Our friends Humdrum had a new hit, and that glorious Papercuts LP finally dropped in. It’s Monday, and there’s jams…I’m just over here listening to the first wave British ska.

Another Steven Lambke Tune

Another week, another great single (plus bonus track) from the forthcoming Steven Lambke record. The song feels very cyclical, as I reckon most tunes do, but that allows for a really distinctive vocal performance from Lambke, allowing the poetry in his work rise to the top. I love when the tune hits the pseudo-chorus, putting in a little stomp that punctuates the track, albeit momentarily. Plus, if you been following along with Steven’s recent singles, you get an unreleased B-side here, and I’ve included it here, as its definitely a nice little sunny ditty giving off this perfect warmth for Spring. Volcano Volcano is out on April 29th via You’ve Changed Records.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (2.21 – 2.25)

We hit it hard last week, mostly because we’re gearing up to see how this whole SXSW thing goes down. Plus, there were tons of new songs dropping everywhere. Two of my favorite Austin artists, Rad Gnar and Twain (he’s from Austin now dammit!) dropped new tracks, so that rules. Plus, the Jeanines dropped what might be the best pop song of the year, though the Stereogum comment section likely disagrees. We’re also including all the jams from artists we talked to that are heading our way for SXSW this year, so check tracks from the likes of Paul Jacobs, Phebe Starr, Teke Teke and more!

Steven Lambke Announces Volcano Volcano

Finding out that Steven Lambke had a new album on the way ended up sending me spiraling down a good old fashioned Constantines kick. Pretty sure I played “You’re a Conductor” over and over again for a good 30 minutes. But, just because he played guitar in the aforementioned act, doesn’t mean we can expect his newest solo effort, Volcano Volcano, to sound anything like his old work. There’s definitely some slight nods, particularly when he strains his voice a bit, giving the song some old school bite to it. But, in between, he fills the song with these soft melodies and backing harmonies, arranging a ditty that falls somewhere between stomping indie rock and classic pop sounds. It’ll be interesting to see how this evolves, but we’ll find out when it drops on April 29th via You’ve Changed Records.