Daphne Tunes Share Thinkin on a Mem Video

Daphne Tunes is helmed by one of our dear friends, Santiago; he formerly fronted ATH act Growl (those LPs are $5!). But, don’t let our allegiance to our friends steer you away from the playful video below, directed by Santi himself. Plus, we’re really picky, and we only love the greatest voices out there…so just listen to those pipes and I think you’ll get why we love his work so much. I love the guitar work here too, the way it kind of shuffles up your feet, getting your body swinging naturally from side to side. Right now I’m thinkin’ on a mem, and missing this band’s live sets! If you dig, you can grab Volume 2 from Uncool Records.

The Wedding Present Announce Tommy 30

While I’m partial to George Best due to its Manchester United association, Tommy isn’t far behind on my list of great albums by The Wedding Present. News recently broke that after celebrating George Best at 30 the band have gone back to rerecord Tommy to celebrate its 30th birthday. In the tune below, you can hear the impact of the rerecording and how it changes the sounds for Tommy. For starters, things were fast and furious on the original 7″ for “Go Out and Get Em Boy”, and the vocals seemed hidden in the mix. The reimagining has things open up with the guitar sound much more crisp, which in the end, opens up space for David Gedge to show just how far he’s grown as a vocalist…talk about aging like a fine fine wine.

Dylan Mondegreen Shares New Video

Earlier this year, Dylan Mondegreen released the new album, A Place in the Sun. Like the previous releases, it balanced understated pop with slightly folk leanings. Today we’re pleased to share with you the video for “Sunless Summer,” one of the LP’s standout tunes. The video is this beautifully soft visual, following around a female protagonist, seemingly waiting for the return of a loved one. I love how there’s this slight haziness to everything, which matches the emotional pull of the track itself. If the video or the song appeal to you, be sure to grab yourself a copy of the album right HERE.

Hear the New Single from I Was a King

Just a few weeks ago I dropped the B-Side to the latest single from I Was a King, and now we’re here to tell you to check out the A-Side. While the band’s penchant for power-pop definitely shines through, particularly with Frode’s vocal delivery…there are hints at a slightly heavier vibe. Their beautifully distorted chords seem just a step lower, deeper, bringing in almost a brooding feel to the melodic sound; it sort of matches the opening moments of the “Run.” No one does it better in my opinion than this band, so I’m looking forward to their completed LP, which is said to drop next year!

Brand New Music from The Helio Sequence

The story of the Transference is quite interesting, not to mention the fact that it gives us time to enjoy a new track from the Helio Sequence. Marmoset, a label in Portland took a bunch of tracks from the public domain, and passed them on to their friends to have them reinterpret the tunes. For their part, it doesn’t seem like tHS had a tough time at all, trickling guitar lines, crashing down with emphasis as the drums kick in around the 50 second mark. It all settles down with light strumming and touches of piano as strings echo in the background. Man I miss these guys. This collective album will be released on December 1st.

More Moving Music from Saw Black

Man, Saw Black has exactly what I’m looking for today; I can’t describe my need for a little solace in this crazed world. On his latest single, you can hear the history of Southern music, perhaps if you added a touch of Neil Young. He hits notes effortlessly, though there’s a forlorn tone in the way they meet the air; I can’t help but feel a sense of longing for better days, for more innocent days. This is the title track from his forthcoming album, Azalea Days, which aims to comfort us all when it hits on February 10th via Crystal Pistol.

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