Cool Sounds Share New Single + Announce New EP

Having written one of my favorite albums of 2019, Cool Sounds are back with a brand new EP on the horizon. The songs on Sleepers EP were written over the past couple of months, surprisingly offering up a light-hearted feel, despite the dire situation surrounding us. Opening with a light strum and gentle percussive stomp, the band begs you to circle around the campfire and join them in their chorale vocal approach; it’s that united melody that made me immediately feel as if I was part of something better, bigger in the world. Plus, the middling “nah nah nah” don’t do a damn thing to diminish the inherent joy of this tune. Look for Sleepers on July 31st!

New Post Punk from Cloud Factory

Looks like I’m spending a lot of my coverage today over in France today, as Cloud Factory is another outfit hailing from overseas I’ve been bouncing around to this morning. Alice kind of lulls you into this false sense of safety the way she opens the track with this sort of quietly dreamy vocal, but there’s no time to fuck around as the song bounds off energetically, matched by a more frantic vocal. I love the ever so slight change around the 1:40 minute mark, throwing out a momentary bob that has this sort of garage rock indifference. Stoked to hear what the rest of Cloud Factory #1 entails; it drops on July 3rd via Howlin Banana!

Born Idiot Share I’d Rather Lie

This Fall, our friends over at Geographie will be releasing Full Time Bored, the brand new long-player from Born Idiot. This past week, they dropped this brand new single, which I’ve taken quite a liking to this morning. It’s a subtle pop number, almost as if it draws inspiration from the modern bedroom pop tendencies; it feels almost quite and soothing. That said, this is a full band affair, meaning you get a little more texture and swell to the band’s sound, adding that depth that more often than not lacks in the bedroom genre. Stoked to hear another great release from the folks over at Geographie; this drops in October!

Latest Single from Gold Star Gold Star

There’s something so perfect about the approach Gold Star Gold Star are taking with their songwriting; they’re offering their own spin on radio pop from the classic era, though doing it with a little updated flare. Honestly, it kind of reminds me of a lot of the late 90s/early 00s college rock. I can hear little bits of things like Grandaddy or Elf Power kind of lurking in the shadows, whether intentional or not. But, the opening vocal entry was enough to grab me and encourage you to give it all a listen today…I’m a man of simple 10 second musical pleasures. Their debut album, Introducing…Gold Star Gold Star, drops on August 7th via Earth Libraries.

Kevin Hairs Drops New Single + Video

Kevin Hairs has had some time on his hands, but he hasn’t sat idly; instead he’s busied himself with art (check his pet portraits!) and music. Today, he’s sharing a new two-song single of bouncing pop tunes that I’d love you to hear. “House of 1000 Roommates” is this subtle jangling pop rocker; his voice has this soothing tune here, giving the track a layered dreaminess that’ll make you swoon. Flip to “Clean Punk” and you have more of a rocking number, albeit one that fits into Kevin’s style. The drums have that sort of machine gun snare hit, with the guitars taking on more of a jagged edge. Both tracks are available on Bandcamp today, so be sure to pick them up right now as a portion of proceeds go to NAACP!

But, Kevin also wanted to share a brand new video for his tune “Subdued at the VCU,” which was on his More Magic, More Magic EP; it dropped in April, but now we get the video treatment with animation done personally by Kevin. You can grab that HERE…also on Bandcamp, so another way to get good music and support a better world.

Boyracer Share Stand By Yr Words Video

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Boyracer released their 13th album in April; 30 years in the scene, working with the likes of Sarah and Slumberland…and perhaps just now hitting that sweet spot. “Stand By Yr Words” is a quick burst of fuzzy pop punk, coming in at just over 1 minute; it does a great job of summing up the sounds you’re going to find inside On A Promise. You get the aforementioned fuzz, high-octane riffs and a big dose of melody; the balance between the melody of Penny and Christina against Stewart’s gruffness is the perfect balance. Plus, they throw in some horns, which are prevalent throughout the record too. If you dig the song, go stream the entirety of On A Promise right HERE; or just pick it straight up from Emotional Response.

Gordon Koang Announces Unity

Admittedly, I wasn’t entirely aware of Gordon Koang until earlier last year when Music in Exile began to work with him in Australia while he sought to secure permanent residence. Today he announces his new 11th studio album, Unity, doing so with the release of “Tiel e Nei NYwal Ke Ran (We Don’t Have a Problem with Anyone).” He crafts the song using his own modified string instrument, combing his voice with the strummed notes and dripping them atop the percussive element. What’s drawn me to Gordon is the positivity in his voice; it seems like its always been there, even as he’s fought to find a permanent home outside of his native Sudan the last six years. Give a listen; it drops on August 14th.

Cocktails Share Bun E. Carlos Single

One thing you’ve got to do if you’re going to reference Bun E. Carlos in a song title is you better make damn sure that your track’s catchy and full of pop hooks. Lucky for you and Cocktails, the band have concocted their own swaggering pop rock anthem, perfect for you to enjoy all those daydreams staring out your window wishing you were having fun down at the beach with your mates. Looks like Patrick gets a little vocal help from Lauren (of Seablite) and others to really blend that warm melody into the songs hook. If you want to turn it up and rock n’ roll, be ready to grab Catastrophic Entertainment, which drops on July 1st.

Corasandel Share Cracked Light

I’m not sure how familiar you are with Corasandel at this point in your life, but I assure you, as I’ve done in the past, this band is simply brilliant. Today I’m really happy to share a brand new tune from the band, being released as a digital single by the ATH revered Shelflife. The band are categorized under ambient-shoegaze, and I can see those elements here, but I also feel like they’ve also begun to blend into slight bits of post-rock and slowcore; it doesn’t really matter because you can’t pull yourself away. It does open up crafting an ambiance, mild notes floating on top the mix. Soon, feathery vocals enter the fray, soon joined by these thunderous drums; there was a moment around the 1 minute mark where I felt like the world stopped; I saw myself spinning in some cliche space moment. I love how the sonic arrangements begin to push the sound just as the vocals do; the song, in its own fashion is filled with this urgency that bursts forth into this elegant soundscape that closes the song. The single’s out officially on June 26th!

Photo Ops Announce Pure at Heart

Always one of our favorite local Austin labels, Western Vinyl have just added Photo Ops to their roster…and announced the release of Pure at Heart. Terry Price is the songwriter behind the project, originally from Texas, he’s bounced his way through Nashville and now on to LA. “Play On” is an optimistic and energetic tune, an ode to what Price calls “the power pop side of my vision for the record.” It definitely has that natural bounce to it, and the thematic view is that despite the “strange times” we can kind of push forward and hopefully find some positivity on the horizon; its okay to feel shitty, but with music we get a little bit of light…so I hope. Pure at Heart is out on September 18th.

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