Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.4 – 4.8)

Here we are folks, another Monday. We’re starting off the week, as we always do, looking back at last week’s hits, just in case our five followers missed a song or two. We’ve got new indie pop stuff from Red Sleeping Beauty and Jeanines, plus new tunes from long-time ATH faves, Stephen’s Shore. Then there’s a new Chronophage album on the way, so we’ve got that covered here too. It’s a quick little way to breeze into your week here, starting things off nice and light. Enjoy!

Sub*T Share New Single, Asterisk

Fire Talk Records has been doing some great stuff with their Open Tab project, giving us new tunes and cool interviews with lesser known bands. Today they’re sharing a brand new track from Sub*T, a New York duo bringing up this fuzzy indie rock that’s high on hooks. There’s something about their work that just feels anthemic and intimate simultaneously, like you could singalong while jumping on your bed, or bang your head in the live setting. If you’re in the need for driving pop rock that’s filled with harmonies and catchy lines, then you need go no further than this outfit…and don’t forget to check out some of their other hits…it’s about discovery afterall!