Last Week’s Jams, Today (11.15 – 11.19)

Well friends, this is going to be a short week, and we’ll likely run some stuff today and tomorrow, then take off the rest of the week to detox before hitting the home stretch of the year. But, like every Monday, we like to start things off just revisiting what we were able to accomplish or cover last week…so you know…here we are and stuff. We’ve got some tunes from ATH faves like Papercuts and Abram Shook, as well as some of the acts I’ve been more recently in love with like KEG or Suep. So, browse, enjoy, and hopefully you start off your week on the right foot.

Suep Share Video for Misery

With ties to Joanna Gruesome and Porridge Radio, it would make sense that SUEP would fall on our radar, and here they drop in with a brand new video for their single “Misery.” But, one of the things about being tied to other bands is that it tends to shadow expectations, so put those aside and slide into the Suep’s DMs, as they’ve got something going on here. There’s this lounge bounce, almost a jazz-inflected pop ditty, with crooned vocals swirling as the band build layer upon layer of pop sensibility. They employ various electronic and psychedelic notes, twist them up with backing vocals and then present it in a tripped out video format. If you were into the work of Jonathan Bree, well, this band takes that and stretches it into a fashionable pop spectacle. Keep an eye out here, and we’ll keep you posted if we hear more! This single brought to you courtesy of Memorials of Distinction.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (October 4 – 8)

Sorry we took yesterday off, but it was a full day of training for us teachers, so I’ll be honest…I didn’t even look at the Internet because I was being trained on how to administer a test that I have to give today, so there’s no pressure there. Anyways, we covered some great tunes last week, so I reckoned we’d jump back in and share those out to get us started on Tuesday…that and the tunes are slowing down as we near the end of the year. Anyways, I’m still stuck on “Authenticity” as one of my favorite jams of the year (just jump in at 2:35 for starters), so be sure to spend some time with that one below.

SUEP Drop Domesticated Dream Video

SUEP is a band that should be on your radar, immediately. The band is comprised of members of Porridge Radio, Joanna Gruesome and PC World, all heavy hitters in their own right. For starters, this video is just pure joy; it feels like we can finally stop for a moment and not take our lives so serious; it’s freeing in that sense. Musically, the band have crafted this sort of amalgam of pop sounds, often leaning towards the “everything and the kitchen sink” method; it reminds me of a more modern, almost punk influenced version of Architecture in Helsinki…if anyone remembers that band. You’ll find it kind of funky, you’ll find yourself gently swinging your hips and grinning, which is all you need to keep on top of SUEP. This single brought to you courtesy of Memorials of Distinction.