Audacity Bring Us Rowdy Rock

AudacityBack in March we shared a new track called “Finders Keepers” with you guys from Fullerton based rock group Audacity.  Well today the band are offering up another new song entitled “Hole in the Sky” which can be streamed below.  I’m loving the rowdy punk rock vibe exuded by the song throughout its brief two minutes and forty seconds.  Hopefully you’ll feel some of that power as well.

New album Butter Knife will be available on October 29th via Suicide Squeeze Records.


Download: Audacity – Hole In The Sky [MP3]

Quiet Track from White Woods

White Woods Big Talking Corner Town 7"I first discovered the work of White Woods when The Coathangers announced that their singer Julia would be doing a little side project.  I loved the first 7″ that came out, and this new one is even more beautiful, demonstrating how far she can step away from her garage rock mainstay.  It’s such a peaceful track, with Julia’s voice carefully laid atop the quiet instrumentation.  If you’re familiar with her main project, you’ll be amazed at such a stark contrast.  The new 7″ is up for pre-order now from Suicide Squeeze Records.

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Pump Your Fists with Audacity

tumblr_inline_mj08bavIaS1qz4rgpWe have to kick off Monday with a bang, right? I couldn’t think of a better way than to toss out this bouncing rocker from Audacity.  It’s got everything you need to get your day started: hard-hitting drums, catchy lyrics and bad-assery.  They’ll be releasing their Finders Keepers 7″ on Suicide Squeeze Records on March 25th, before a full-length record comes out later in 2013.  I like the way things are kicking off 2013 for these guys, and you’re all going to fall in love with their sound, I promise.  Have fun boys and girls, this is Audacity.  Oh, and they’ll be doing that SXSW thing, so if you dig, find em’ here in Austin.

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New B-Side from Gap Dream

Not too long ago I brought you the A-Side from the recently released Ali Baba 7″ by Gap Dream, but now I’m here to toss up the B-Side too!  I really like the way this is recorded, even if it does come across as a touch unpolished; that’s what makes it so rewarding.  The vocals come from the other room, in a haunting manner, while the guitar work seems to amble slowly, with an interesting wash seem to be placed atop it all.  If you’re interested in what you hear, then grab the 7″ from Suicide Squeeze before they sell out!


Download:Gap Dream – A Little Past Midnight [MP3]

More New Music from Peace

This new single from Peace is really something special to listen to in its entirety.  For the first two minutes (plus) the song builds with intricate guitar play before Dan’s hauntingly deep vocals cooly join in on the fun.  While the guitars seem to move in and out, the vocals keep steady hold of the pacing for the track…and then it all breaks down into a raucous stomp in the end, with faintly shouted vocals, then rinsed and repeated.  This is just another jam off their upcoming album, The World Is Too Much With Us, which is being put out by Suicide Squeeze on October 8th.


Download:Peace – Tattoo [MP3]

New Single from Gap Dream

I’ve been really pleased with the output from Suicide Squeeze Records this year, already releasing hits from King Tuff and Iron and Wine.  They’re gearing up for another 7″ from Gap Dream titled Ali Baba.  I love the casual way this songs opens up, not really forcing the issue.  For the most part, the song trickles in the same manner throughout, with Gabe Fulvimar sitting around kicking out his vocals in a calm and cool manner.  I have a feeling that a lot of people are really going to enjoy this tune…it’s like a garage rocker for the laid back type.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

New Punk Tune from The Coathangers

I’ve backed the ladies in the Coathangers for some time, and as their star continues to rise, the group only seems to get better and better.  Suicide Squeeze just announced today that they’ll be releasing a new split 7″ with the band and label mates, Heavy Cream.  This is my first listen, and it’s as bratty and catchy as I remember the group from when they came into Austin just a short bit ago. Really stoked to see what these ladies can pull off on their next full-length, so stay tuned!


Download:The Coathangers – Merry Go Round [MP3]

New Music from Peace

The great thing about the Internet is that it makes discovering acts a lot easier than it used to be, and lucky for Suicide Squeeze I think they’ve stumbled upon to a real gem.  They’ve just signed Peace, a Vancouver act, and plan to release the band’s album, The World Is Too Much With Us on October 16th.  It has the slightest hints of Fresh and Onlys, with that heavy vocal being the focus, although it’s not exactly in the realm of modern psychedelia. I appreciate the onward stomp of the track with its crashing cymbals propelling the song forward.  Congrats SS, this is going to be a great one.


Download:Peace- Your Hand In Mine [MP3]

Rad New Tunes from Nu Sensae

What? You thought I was joking? Here’s more rock n’ roll, this time from Vancouver’s Nu Sensae.  In just a few weeks the group will be releasing their new record, Sundowning, on August 7th via Suicide Squeeze.  This track opens with Andrea Lukic’s rough snarl, but while it hits hard immediately, it also has the ability to draw back a little bit.  You’ll find a smoother vocal during the chorus, followed by a gut busting guitar solo.  I love the brash mentality here, putting a little (or a lot) of balls into the formulaic girl-fronted garage rock of the day.


Download:Nu Sensae -100 Shades [MP3]

Mellow Tune from White Woods

You might recognize Julia Kugel as the guitarist/vocalist from the Coathangers, a band that’s graced our Interweb space on various occasions. This time around, however, she comes to us via her side-project, White Woods, offering up this really dreamy number that you’re pretty much guaranteed to love.  You’ll find the below track as part of Suicide Squeezes Single Series, who continue to put out some incredible single collections for a limited run.  For me, this is a really interesting place to find Kugel, as I didn’t expect this from her at all, but I’ve been swept off my feet by this song.  Give it a listen, or two…do you feel the same?


Download: White Woods – Where Did You Go [MP3]

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