Pastel Coast Announce New LP, Sun

Are you ready to get your summer playlist jacked up? Yeah you are! You want that perfect hit for cruising through the streets, warm breeze blowing through your hair; I know you do! Well, luckily, we get news that French band Pastel Coast is going to be dropping their follow-up to Hovercraft this summer via Shelflife Records/Groover. Listening through, its frantic pop, with a little bit of indiepop flare to it, but to be frank (“Hello, I’m Frank!), the song is super reminiscent of Phoenix before they became mainstream crossover darlings. Think about Phoenix circa It’s Never Been Like That, particularly “Rally.” The same sort of hook-laden pop potential courses through this Pastel Coast tune, but just as you’re about to pigeonhole the sound, the band seduces you with a counter melody that draws out the song’s approach, dipping their toes in a dreamier bit. You get it all here, and most of all, you get to revel in a great pop tune; Sun will drop this June!

Another Tune from Trash Kit

If there’s a band you listen today that makes you think differently about the world, or makes you approach music differently, then it’s going to be Trash Kit. While they can obviously craft a tune, their songwriting and playing style is such that everything seems out of whack, everything is being thrown off…and yet it all makes such beautiful sense. The bass line is the central force of this song, yet as things growdiscordantly, the band match it all up with these swelling multi-part harmonies. Should come as no surprise that the band’s Horizon LP is being handled by the esteemed Upset the Rhythm on July 5th.

Show Preview: Blank Fritz @ Ghost Room (5/19)

Date 5/19/11
Location The Ghost Room
Doors 8pm
Tickets $5 @ Door

Those kids at Knuckle Rumbler are at it again this week with a show at The Ghost Room this Thursday evening.  The night features all local and awesome talent in the form of Blank Fritz (formerly Sunset), Missions, Spells (formerly Moth Fight), and Sorne.  It looks to be a night of some old favorites in the ATH offices beginning new things under a new name.  Let’s be honest here, you don’t have anything better to do on a Thursday night so you should just get there early and hang out awhile.  Hell, it’s only $5.


Download: Moth! Fight! – Hopscotch [MP3]

Show Preview: Deerhoof @ Mohawk (2/1)

Date 2/1/11
Location Mohawk
Doors 900p
Tickets $13 @ Frontgate

Indie superstars Deerhoof are making a stop into Austin at Mohawk on Tuesday night.  The show is getting kicked off pretty early, with a start time around 9:30 for the headliners, so you working stiffs should still be able to make it out.  Opening support is provided by Ben Butler and Mouse Pad, Fingaar Bangaar, and Nervous Cop.  Those looking for even more music should stick around for the after show inside with local music provided by Zorch, Cartright, and Sunset.


Download: Deerhoof – The Merry Barracks [MP3]

Bill Baird @ Church House Recording Studio (1/29)

Date 1/29/11
Location Church House Recordings
Doors 8pm
Tickets $10 @ Door

We just got word of a very special show going down at Church House Recording Studios on Saturday night in Austin(1161 Nickols Ave. in Austin).  The show features a performance by Sunset leading man Bill Baird playing some of the tunes from his experimental solo album Silence! as well as some new tunes he’s been working on.  Baird will also have a small group of Austin musicians helping out with his performance.  An opening set will be provided by Martin Crane of Brazos.  Below is track “” taken from Baird’s solo work.


Download: Bill Baird – Cloud Breath [MP3]

Birds & Batteries @ Mohawk (12/1)

Date 12/1/10
Location Mohawk
Doors 9pm
Tickets $6 @ Door

California indie rock band Birds & Batteries are making a stop on the inside stage at Mohawk this Wednesday evening.  Now the Mohawk website says locals Sleep Good are your middle band while several sites claim locals Sunset will be on hand?  Who knows!  We love em both really.  ATH favorites the Authors will also be on hand providing your opening support.  Our amigos over at Sonic Itch also have a tasty little contest going for passes and Birds & Batteries merch.


Download: Birds & Batteries – The Villain [MP3]

Show Preview: ATX Converge @ Mohawk (10/24)

Date 10/24/10
Location Mohawk
Doors 8pm
Tickets FREE with RSVP

We’ve got a little info here about a sweet event going down at Mohawk on Sunday night to celebrate the Austin premiere of new Austin made documentary film Echotone.  The incredible and heart felt film focuses on the Austin music scene, the artists within it, how they can make a living, and what their role is in this ever changing city.  Those interested in seeing the film have a chance Saturday at 1pm @ The Alamo Ritz downtown or Tuesday at 10pm @ The Bob Bullock History Museum.  Your party Sunday night at the Mohawk features music by Sunset, Dana Falconberry, The White White Lights, Machine, and DJ Hobo D.  More information on this film, screenings and the premiere party can be seen on the Echotone website or on that fancy poster.

New Music From Sunset

Local boy Bill Baird and his band known as Sunset have a new MP3 floating around of a track called “Heavy Light”.  The song appears on the band’s upcoming new LP entitled Loveshines but the Moon is Shining Too which is already available digitally and physically in stores October 12th.  I’m enjoying the jangly pop vibe of this song and it should convince you to pick up this release as soon as it hits your local record store.


Download: Sunset – Heavy Light [MP3]

The ATH Summer Mixtape

So as summer begins to dwindle down and the kids head back to school, we here at ATH thought a Summer mixtape would be in order to boost everyone’s spirits.  Let’s be honest, this summer hasn’t really delivered a truly great album as of yet so why not just make your own?  Right?  For our Summertime mixtape, we handpicked the best new music from up and coming Austin bands that we think you should know about.  You’ll see brand new and never before heard music from Great Nostalgic, The Authors, and Sunset along with some you’ve maybe seen on the site from Golden Bear, She Sir, Paperthreat and tons more.  All told, we’ve got 20 songs for you to take with you and enjoy.  Our Austin Town Hall Summer Mixtape website features a handy zip file download as well as streams of each song and a link to each band’s website if you dig what you hear.  So head to the mixtape site, download some tunes, tell all your friends, and enjoy what little summer we have left.  No really, tell your friends…. now.

FTC: Sound Team

I will begin my From the Closet today by saying that you should check out the wikipedia page about Austin band Sound Team if you don’t know their history.  It’s a long story about a band that showed heaps of promise before breaking up amongst turmoil in the band and dissatisfaction with their label.  Like I said, check our their wikipedia page and read up.  Today I am bringing you a song from Sound Team’s one and only major label LP Movie Monster.  Despite what some people may say, I actually enjoyed that record when it came out and still spin it every once and awhile.  This jam “Born to Please” serves as an introduction to that LP right after a short “intro” type track.  I highly recommend picking that one up at your local record store.  Of course the former members of Sound Team are still making waves in the local scene so it’s not like all is lost for you fans of the sound.  Bill Baird and Sam Sanford currently jams in Sunset, Matt Oliver and Jordan Johns currently run TV Torso, and Will Patterson has struck out on his own as Sleep Good.  Maybe one day we can get them all back together again for a lil reunion?


Download: Sound Team – Born to Please [MP3]

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