Premiere: New Suntrodden Single

suntroddenAs you’ve seen, I’ve been all about Suntrodden leading up to the release of his release, which is a month away! While you’ve heard touches of indiepop, this new single shows of Erik Stephansson to build this huge pop sensibility in really simple ways, utilizing the strength of his voice and careful guitar playing. At this point, I don’t think I can find a thing he’s done wrong at this point…this is a pop songwriter with the gift. Look to get your hands on Suntrodden II on October 28th.

Another Great Ballad from Suntrodden

suntroddenStaring out the window and all I see is a dampened landscape and more rain. But, at least I have this wonderful new track from Suntrodden to give me a little bit of sunny vibes. It’s a pretty gentle bit of pop music, structured simply around strumming guitar and calming vocals; there’s also a lead guitar that works beneath the rhythm to provide a bit more depth to this track…as if it needed it. Hopefully you find this track able to lift your spirits a bit, then you can keep your eyes peeled for Suntrodden II, which is slated for release in October of this year.