Stream All Three Sundtrodden EPs

On the off chance you read this blog on the regular, you’ve likely heard me mention Suntrodden a time…or twenty. Today could be the best day of your week, as you can now stream all 3 EPs together in one collective listen. It’s hard to pick a single track I love, as this collection is filled with a nice bit of diversity for any mood. I love the piano balladry from “Moonflower,” but then there’s real beauty in “Stay Gone,” taking on a more singer-songwriter vibe. I guess in the end, the most difficult thing is finding a track to ignore; each tune offers something special, something personal, which is perhaps why I’ve fallen in love with Suntrodden. The 3rd and final EP comes out this Friday, but stream them all together below!

Pop Balladry from Suntrodden

I’m not afraid to cover more Suntrodden tunes, especially when he’s slightly toying with his sound, such as he does on this new ballad. While previous tracks have been filled with harmonies and careful guitar work, this song roams atop a sullen piano backbone. Then on the song’s latter half the guitar is slightly more pronounced, percussive elements are layered and then there’s the airy voice of Erik Stephansson winning in the end! Pretty sure III is going to be another release welcomed by my ears…look for it on June 30th.

Suntrodden Is Back with a New EP

I raved and raved about Suntrodden last year, and now we return with the latest piece from his final work in his 3-EP series, III. As usual Erik’s tossing a gentle vocal atop really carefully crafted pop styles; this is what always draws me into his songwriting. But, I really like the attention given to the recording, with various textures of guitar added atop one another to really add depth to the song…not to mention a little bit of keys hanging about too. The latest edition in the series will drop on June 30th, so you can bet you’ll hear more from us as the release date nears.

Premiere: New Suntrodden Single

suntroddenAs you’ve seen, I’ve been all about Suntrodden leading up to the release of his release, which is a month away! While you’ve heard touches of indiepop, this new single shows of Erik Stephansson to build this huge pop sensibility in really simple ways, utilizing the strength of his voice and careful guitar playing. At this point, I don’t think I can find a thing he’s done wrong at this point…this is a pop songwriter with the gift. Look to get your hands on Suntrodden II on October 28th.

Another Great Ballad from Suntrodden

suntroddenStaring out the window and all I see is a dampened landscape and more rain. But, at least I have this wonderful new track from Suntrodden to give me a little bit of sunny vibes. It’s a pretty gentle bit of pop music, structured simply around strumming guitar and calming vocals; there’s also a lead guitar that works beneath the rhythm to provide a bit more depth to this track…as if it needed it. Hopefully you find this track able to lift your spirits a bit, then you can keep your eyes peeled for Suntrodden II, which is slated for release in October of this year.

“Stay Gone” With Suntrodden

suntroddenI know weekends can be hard to leave, and it’s difficult to get back into the work week, but we are here for you with tunes that will help that transition. This tune, “Stay Gone,” will ease the pain of Monday as you let your mind stay in the weekend with this gentle indie rock track. There’s a simple elegance to the track– the guitar jangles along, but in no real rush, while the vocals are so lush and mellow. Bits of percussion add the final touches on the song so that you’re swooning through all two minutes. If you like this track, make sure you check out the rest of the debut EP from Atlanta’s Suntrodden, which you can check out right here.