New One From Del Sur

10352999_588589764607258_7119202798248114232_nDel Sur is a young upstart band from the Philadelphia area we’ve posted about in the past here on ATH.  I’ve always been a fan of the surfy, almost throwback like bedroom pop sound the band effortlessly manages to create on every track.  Continuing that fan fair with me today is this new jam “Aubrey Plaza”.  How could a song be so simplistic in its delivery yet still be catchy and worthy of repeat listens?  I’ll let you decide.

Stay tuned on more from Del Sur and an upcoming full release.

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New Surfer Pop From Beach Day

With a name like Beach Day, it would be safe to assume that a band would have some surfer boy/summertime vibes to their sound.  Well these guys are going with the images and sounds their name conveys with songs that reinforce their namesake.  This new tune “Walking on the Streets” is a 60s, motorcycle driving, hazy doo wop style number that evokes modern bands like Cults.  It seems like a hot trend rolling through the indie music world and I’m totally cool with that.

This tune just came out yesterday via 7″ on Kanine Records.


Download: Beach Day – Walking on the Streets [MP3]

Catchy Pop from Ski Lodge

I’ve been jamming this new tune from Ski Lodge that made it into my inbox over the weekend.  It’s got a little hint of that surfy-guitar pop that’s really popular right now, but I like that the vocals take on a nice focus in this track.  You can find the track on the short Ski Lodge EP, along with three other jams, all which are as equally as catchy as this one here.  It sort of reminds me of the innocence of the Drums early on, giving you that same casual bounce that just invades your mind.  Try it out!


Download:Ski Lodge – I Would Die To Be [MP3]

Fun Surf Pop from Mrs. Magician

If you’re a fan of Waaves, you’re going to enjoy listening to Mrs. Magician even more.  They’re a San Diego surf-rock band, and while they’re just as bratty as Waaves, the recording of this track (and their album) sounds a whole lot better than some of the production on that other dudes records.  Strange Heaven is the perfect record to play all summer long, and it doesn’t hurt that it was produced by John Reis of Hot Snakes/RFTC fame.  Put it on, sit back, and imagine you and your friends chilling down at the beach…guarantee you’ll only get up to press repeat over and over.


Download:Mrs Magician – There Is No God [MP3]