Ben Shemie Shares the Return Single

Ben Shemie, known for his work in SUUNS, has a new solo record dropping really soon, and his latest single just keeps toying with me as I put it on repeat. Sure, the light effects on the video are something altogether anxiety inducing, but I keep coming back to the tune because it so brilliantly builds this tension…that you’ll have to read on to find out if it comes to fruition. The beat races from the beginning, an electronic line that has that futuristic pulse to it; it’s then textured by a synthetically sterile drum beat. All of this allows Shemie to spread his manufactured melody atop the groove; there are some sonic stretches in the voice that build the sound. For me, I kept waiting for it to release, for something satisfying and heavy to drop into the frame. But, it doesn’t, and I think that restraint is why I keep coming back, sitting in the presence of the tune all on its own. Desiderata will be released on July 15th via Joyful Noise/Backward Music.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (August 30 – September 3)

Well, today might be the beginning of a little decline for the next few weeks, as you’re likely going to be pressing play on this just as I’m bringing Nathan Jr. Jr. into the world. But, like him, you are blessed with these incredible tunes that graced our site last week, all of which will enable you to recover from your Labor Day doldrums. Hopefully this week brings you a great many things!

SUUNS Share The Trilogy

The more I get to hear from the latest LP from SUUNS, the more I begin to believe it’s likely to get a lot of play around the old Lankford household. On their latest, the song slow burns, much like the image in the video clip, led by this mellowed vocals and understated beat. It’s definitely an atmospherically induced vibe that courses through, and for the faintest moment, you get this cool drop in at 2:40-ish that gives you just a bit of a toe-tap and bounce; I found it to be a nice touch that breaks up the song’s core. Their album The Witness is out on Friday via Joyful Noise!

Last Week’s Jams, Today!

Ray and I go back to work full-time, kids and all, so let’s start off our first real week of work with last week’s sweet sweet jams. It’s just an easy way to ease into your Monday with a look back at what you might have missed had you not been glued to our site! We’re all over the place with new stuff from Suuns and the Shivas, plus some Austin love as always by including the latest from TC Superstar, Nolan Potter, Brother Sports and a tune off the new Alexalone LP…so browse, enjoy, tell your friends. Or don’t. Who needs that pressure on Monday?

SUUNS Share Clarity Single

I’ll come out and say that today I’m approaching life with a little bit of trepidation and anxiety, so I kind of need something that moves me in and out of consciousness, both visually and audibly, which is why this new SUUNS tune is perfect. Visually, well, you can see the color pink moving in and out of the tune; it seems like an eye, looking in or out on the world. Musically, this tune’s really stripped back, with this light beat being manipulated to match up with the vocals, while some other synthetic (or is it or horns or both!) notes surf in and out of the background to build in some texture for you. If you’re willing to let your mind drift, I can’t imagine a better way than this; this single appears on the band’s new record, The Witness, out September 3rd via Joyful Noise.

Watch a New Suuns Video

I’ve enjoyed the new Suuns material from their album Felt, which is really just one tune, but this brand new one is really something special. The song is a gradual stroll, slowly moving in step with the visual elements here; the vocals almost feel like clouds rolling over the musical element. You’ll easily find yourself captivated by the digital images that step in line with a wonky synth/keyboard element; it leaves you imbalanced in a certain way, which I think sinks you further into the track’s emotional vibe. Felt will be released on March 2nd via Secretly Canadian. They’ll also be here in Austin for Levitation.

Suuns Announce New Album, Share Blazing New Track

The folks over at Secretly Canadian rarely disappoint, and today is no exception as Suuns have announced their new album,Felt, will be out March 2 via that label. From this upcoming release, the band has shared a new single called “Watch You, Watch Me” which you can watch below. It’s a high energy number– there’s essentially no empty space in the mix, as instrument overlaps instrument, vocals distorted to sound like another wave of synthesizers. Different than anything else you’ll hear today, give the track below a listen and get stoked for Suuns’ new release.


Space Out To This New Suuns Video

In this day and age, it’s sort of a rarity that a music video will fully engage me for its complete duration. With this new video for “Instrument”from Canada’s Suuns, I find that this is not the case, as I’ve watched this a few times over. The electronic pulses and drones of Suuns music is perfectly accompanied by the black and white repetition of the simple video, and you will find yourself engrossed in the whole aesthetic of the clip. Sometimes, all you need is a brief reprieve into some other world, and this video for “Instrument” is sure to give you that. Also be sure to check out their albumHold/Stillwhich came out earlier this year on Secretly Canadian.


Get Your Dark Psych On With Suuns

unnamed-17Suuns, if you weren’t already aware, are a Montreal based group, making psych rock tunes. Today, they’ve announced the release of their third full length album,Hold/Still,and shared a new single from that record.This track, “Translate,” is a bonafide grower, as the band layers element upon element, building up their sound slowly but surely in a blend of psych tinged guitars and hazy vocals. Make sure you watch the trippy video for this new single below, check out the remix of the track here, if you’re into that sort of thing, and then get ready for the band’s forthcoming release, Hold/Still,which is due out April 15th via Secretly Canadian.



Show Preview: Land Of Talk @ The Parish (10/15)

Date 10/15/10
Location The Parish
Doors 8pm
Tickets $10 @ Frontgate

The sweet Canadian pop trio known as Land of Talk are making a stop into Austin at The Parish on Friday night.  Joining Lizzie and the gang on stage are Secretly Canadian group Suuns and locals Pink Nasty.  We’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile so we’ll be in attendance and suggest you be there as well.  Do it!


Download: Land of Talk – Swift Coin [MP3]