Club 8 Share Closer to You

It sounds like everyone in Sweden is intent upon landing on these ATH pages by offering up a single every few weeks; there was Red Sleeping Beauty…and today its Club 8. While some of their earlier tracks this year have had a springing nature, this one feels more spiritual in a sense. The guitar dangles in the distance, just sort of hanging itself out there, careful not to overreach, which ends up creating this sort of cavernous vibe. That’s the perfect setting for the vocals, coolly just resting in the mix, locked into the groove so as to offer up the perfect little melodic taste to listeners. I expect to be back soon with another Club 8 hit!

Beverly Kills Drop Hymn to You Single

I needed something shiny to start off my day, so felt like this Beverly Kills tune would be the perfect way to slink into Friday, for both myself and for you. When this kicks off, you can hear a nod to a number of dreamy pop bands, but I certainly feel like our audience will recognize some sonic similarities to Alvvays. But, like many a band of this ilk, they’re not content revolving in the dreamy state, pushing forward by jumping on those pedals and ripping right into huge anthemic pop; the chorus here hits perfectly as the tune turns into an ode to a lost love. Every bit of execution is brimming with emotion and overflowing with hooks that I’m sure you’ll love. Happy Friday kids.

Another Club 8 Single

Not sure if we’re going to be getting a full-length Club 8 record, or if the band have just embraced the joy of the single era, as this is their 5th new track to come our way recently. You’ll be greeted by a propulsive undercurrent that rushes the tune right through your speakers; guitar lines will glitter and dance in and out of focus, attempting to pace themselves with the quick rhythmic push. But, like they’ve been doing of late, they’re running the speed up while that’s contrasted with these dreamier vocal notes that seem to hang out on the edges of the tune, in hopes of staying clear of the sugary rush. Perfect balance and a perfect tune for a Monday.

Red Sleeping Beauty Share New York, New Me

It’s the first of the month, and while I tempted to make a Bone Thugs reference, we’ll stick instead with the newest single from Red Sleeping Beauty and their “One Song a Month Series.” This song is all about immediacy, providing a synth-driven line that kicks into a hip-swaying groove. Thematically, the song hits on the ideas of finding a new version of yourself in New York; it can also be seen as a narrative about finding new opportunities when you move somewhere, remaking your whole identity. But, maybe that doesn’t even matter to you, and you just want to get lost in the beat…that opportunity comes just by pressing play below. And, you can hear the other pop hits from the Series by going HERE.

The Legends Share Secret Shine

Friday should be a day full of enjoyment, a celebration of working through the week and seeing a bit of rest on the horizon (if you’re working a tradition M-F). So, put on this track from the Legends, offering one of their first pieces of new music since 2020. There’s a spritely pulse to this, with dancing guitar lines jumping right through the speaker; put your arms above your head and kick your legs up, feel your body jump right into this song as you feel the freedom and bounce coursing through your veins. This track features Julia from Acid House Kings adding in some vocals, so double win for you!

Sudakistan Returns with Machine

Swedish rockeres Sudakistan have been out of the scene for a hot minute, but after a five year hiatus, they’re back at it, and as such, they’ve opted to celebrate by releasing a fresh single. You can hear the echoes of a past rooted in psychedelic sounds, fiery guitar licks dancing in the corners as the rhythm provides a bit more immediacy and depth to their new track. You can feel the rawness and live spirit bleeding through too, which makes complete sense as this single accompanies news that the band are back at live performances, with a show schedule for later this month in Stockholm. Track brought to us courtesy of PNKSLM.

Club 8 Share Sucker Single

Admittedly, woke up dragging ass today; it’s the post standardized test blues all teachers get after forcing their students to take a meaningless exam. So, I need a pick me up and the springing notes from this fresh Club 8 track immediately did the trick. Both the rhythm and the guitars are off and running from the get-go, encouraging you to get just the slightest bit of a wiggle running through your body; if you give in, you’ll find that wiggle turns more into a full-blooded head-bob and toe-tap. The Swedish duo’s bread and butter is locking into that energy, then juxtaposing it with a bit of sugary sweetness, which you’ll certainly get when you hear the intermingling of the voices! Another hit!

Baula Share Santa Fe Single

Swedish duo Baula popped into my listening rotation a few weeks back with the excellent “Mercury in Retrograde,” and now there’s another single to whet your appetite before they unleash Heavy Heart, No Tears. They’re an outfit that’s flirting with the darker underbelly of good pop songwriting; you can hear them flirting with melodic structures throughout this track, though it still has a smattering of noise. Growling guitars and thumping drum hits work in contrast to the sharp softness of the vocals; the chorus also utilizes a perfect set up before cymbals crash and guitar lines cut through the mix. Nice follow up, and I’m looking forward to the record, which drops on April 26th.

Red Sleeping Beauty Add Another Single

Swedish pop outfit Red Sleeping Beauty have been working in 2024 with a single a month, and today, we can hear the latest installment in that project. This one is by far the shortest, though as Tony Molina fan, who am I to argue that you can’t capture the listener with brevity. You mostly get a light bit of strum and the warmth of vocals; then the tune gets a little percussion and a wash of twinkling synths, carefully finishing off this puzzle piece. An interesting plot twist to their work thus far in 2024, so we’ll check back in with them on May 1st!

Baula Share Parasite Single

Baula popped up on my radar a few months ago with their single “Mercury in Retrograde,” and this new tune has them playing in familiar dark pop territory. There’s a forceful nature to this track, opening with this thunderous guitar line that carries massive power within it. They balance this dark brood with a serene vocal, carrying a bit of wistfulness that allows the song to reach for a perfect future amidst the cloudy background they’ve built up around it; their ability to balance the light and dark spots of their sound is what has made their songs so captivating. Their debut album Heavy Heart, No Tears will be out in April.

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