Great New Track From The Sweet Serenades

the-sweet-serenadesSwedish band The Sweet Serenades is a group that I’ve been following over the last few years and have never really understood why they don’t have more of a following here stateside.  If I had to guess, I’d say that maybe the songs aren’t quite edgy enough, or maybe the sound wouldn’t be considered that “unique”.  I personally think that’s a great thing, because to me, simple and straightforward pop music can sometimes be a welcome and fresh sound in our constantly contemplative and over analyzed indie music scene.  Great pop music is just great pop music in the end.  I think this new jam “Take it All” is yet another great and simple pop number from a band that has been pumping out tunes like this for over 3 years.  Don’t over think it, just enjoy some quality music.

Check out new album, Stand By Me, on November 15th.

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Floating Pop from The Olive Shoots

oliveshootsIt’s been a rough year for some of the great indie pop labels, and I had worried that Dufflecoat Records might succumb to the demands of the world.  Luckily, they’ve decided to keep doors open for now, preparing to release a couple of great acts; the first you should take notice of is The Olive Shoots.  The one-woman Swedish act has just released her Anteros EP via the label, and the lead track requires your attention today.  Vocals drift in, and the tension builds via ambient noise, just before it all comes crashing down into the realm of explosive pop.  After the crash the vocals take a bit to re-enter, but they come in strong and emotional.  Go support good music; pick up this EP today.


Download: The Olive Shoots – Anteros [MP3]

Energetic Electro Pop from Love Is a Burning Thing

168999_495651234052_8328076_nHonestly, I’ve got little information about Swedish band Love Is a Burning Thing; the band has been on the tips of Swede tongues for some time, though there’s not been an official release from the group aside form a few singles.  But, just the other day, No Method tossed up a compilation for the summer, including a brand new track from the group.  I love the way the song is long and drawn out, though the central piece of has to revolve around the vocals, which can come off as intentionally bratty at points.  If you’ve got the patience, the track picks up even more pulsing energy just beyond the five minute mark.  Cool band find.


Download: Love Is a Burning Thing – Throw It All Away [MP3]

New Wave Pop From The Mary Onettes


After their announcement of a new album back in November with single “Evil Coast”, we haven’t heard much from Swedes The Mary Onettes about said new album.  Today the band surprised us with an email containing a link to their brand new single entitled “Hit the Waves”, and it’s sure to show a marked change in sound for fans of the band’s older material.  The band describe it best themselves when they told us “Previous influences like The Cure and Joy Division have now been replaced by Sade, Whitney Houston, Peter Gabriel and Vangelis”.  That just about sums it up doesn’t it?  Put this one in the queue for your next new wave dance party.

New album Hit the Waves will be out on March 12th via Labrador Records.

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Even More New Music From Sweet Serenades


I’ve been following Swedish based pop band Sweet Serenades for a few years now and I’ve always enjoyed their fresh style of pop music with a certain Scandinavian raw twist.  Saving you from another biography of the band, I just wanted to share this new track they recently sent my way called “Run (Run Run)”.  It’s just been pointed out to me that the song is sort of reminiscent of a certain Austin band Built by Snow and I think I’m cool with that comparison.  This song appears on the band’s new album Help Me! which is out now and available for purchase via Leon Records.

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Bright Pop from The Mary Onettes

Yeah, this track surfaced on Friday, but what better way to start off on a Monday than by listening to the blissed out pop from The Mary Onettes.  Their at work on their third LP, Hit the Waves (Labrador-March 2012), with changes in the music expected by the band; some of those changes are apparent in this first single.  Sure, you can see the nostalgia remnants, but that hazy darkness birthed on their first self-titled LP seems a distant memory.  Who knows where this will all end up, but I’m always glad to jam to a tune by these guys, so here you go. Happy Monday.

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More New Music From Sweet Serenades

Only a few months ago, I posted a new song by Swedish outfit Sweet Serenades after having not heard from them in quite a long time.  I was excited about that song, but this new jam “After All the Violence” is  easily my favorite song the band has ever put out.  It features some tasty dual vocal duties from Karolina Komstedt of indie pop band Club 8.  This song appears on a new album by the band, Help Me!, which is currently out on Leon Records and can by purchased digitally via iTunes.


Download: Sweet Serenades – After All The Violence [MP3]

Rad Tune from Cave Cat

Man, I really love this track from Cave Cat.  I wish I knew more about this group of Swedes, other than they just released this great 7″ on Luxury and Dufflecoat Records.  It’s definitely a bit of a wayward jangle, but the atmospheric bent of the vocals and ringing guitars puts this band on par with groups like The Mary Onettes…another personal favorite.  I particularly love how the guitar solo knifes its way through on the latter half of the tune. Dig it, kids, and check out another track “abject” here.

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New Pop Track from Nixon

No! Not The Nixons, just Nixon.  Nixon is one of the band’s on the fantastic little label, Cloudberry Records.  They’ve got a new 7″ coming out, which will actually feature more than your typical two tracks (its got 4!).  This single is extremely gentle, and it goes with my mood from earlier in the weak, using a smooth guitar sound, with just a hint of jangle.  On the vocals, it appears like a home recording, providing you with an intimate experience, as if your listening in private to a mixtape made by your best friend.  Tracks like this remind me why I love indie-pop so much.  If anything, this is going to make you smile on a Friday.


Download: Nixon – This Town [MP3]

More New Tunes from Alpaca Sports

Sweden’s Alpaca Sports has been on my radar for quite some time, and they just continue their excellent musical year as they prepare to release yet another single, “I Was Running” on August 30th.  Andreas’ songwriting continues to improve, and I think the band has gotten to the top of the pops with this tune.  I definitely don’t mind the inclusion of a few steady handclaps as they break into the song near the end. If you’re a lover of all things indie pop, then by all means, free yourself up and spend some time with this new track from Alpaca Sports.

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