The Mary Onettes Share What I Feel In Some Places

I’ve always been a huge Mary Onettes fan, their self-titled album is the one LP that I can’t get enough…nor get my hands on, sadly. Today, the band return for the first time since 2018 with the announcement of What I Feel In Some Places EP, and share the title track. Opening up, the song builds this dense atmosphere, foggy in the corners, melodic hints lurking in the shadows of the sound. When the vocals come into play, they create this beautiful moment of heartfelt pop where you can feel the emotionally charged moments rise out of the heavy groove behind. The band will release their new EP on July 1st, so its just around the corner!

Wy Continue to Grow with High Score

If you missed last year’s Marriage LP, then perhaps we haven’t done our part to turn you on to Wy, at least not properly. But, they’ve got a new EP on the way, and it continues to show how incredibly quickly they’ve broadened their sound, hitting on all the high notes we’d expect and then some. When the tune opens, it has this almost nostalgic pop lean to it, though enhanced by this heavy resonance that sets up Ebba’s vocal entry. She’s got this faint little quiver that toys with you, but as the track unfolds you see just how powerful her voice is, dominating the front of the mix. Still, careful ears will hear just how much effort was put into everything behind Ebba, with all sort of varying textures, balancing noisy bits with melodic ringing notes; it’s pop craftsmanship at its finest. The Something Amazing EP is out June 17th via Rama Lama Records.

Wy Share New Single + EP Announcement

Sweden’s Wy have already found great success with their last few releases, finally breaking into the US audience with the excellent Marriage LP (2021). Today, the group return with news of a fresh EP on the way, and they’re doing it in striking fashion. Ebba opens the tune with her vocals crawling atop light sonic touches. Soon, the guitar enters the picture, heavily breaking the barrier between pop and rock. Still, Ebba’s voice has this huge range to it, something that would put her right alongside current US darlings like Angel or Sharon. Something Amazing is on the horizon, and it will be released by the ATH revered Rama Lama Records.

ViVii Drop New Single, Vegas

One of the acts Brian and I really enjoyed at SXSW was Swedish trio ViVii; they offered up a dreamy brand of pop that actually felt like it was crafted in Texas. You can hear that in the band’s new single, particularly in the way the vocals seem to tumble across the track like weeds out on West Texas roads. Musically, things back up that approach, with guitar notes bending and turning, all the while hitting those crisp notes that feel like Summertime. It’s a nice little dreamy dose of pop from an act we’re really enjoying; keep an eye out for their new MaviDavilon EP, out June 3rd.

Stephen’s Shore Share Close to a Dream

We’re a little over a week until the release of the new EP from Swedish pop group Stephen’s Shore, and with that proximity, we’re offered another teaser tune to entice us all. On the earlier tracks from the Green EP, the band have had their spritely bounce intact, but, things take a turn on this new track. The rhythm section still offers up the toe-tapping beat, but there’s a haziness to the guitar work, matched by the a thick coat on the vocals, almost referencing a hint of psychedelia; this all comes to head with the closing breakdown the group use to wrap up the town. It’s a nice little plot twist in their songwriting, illustrating that the Green EP has them working at peak songwriting craft, and we shan’t shy away from that. The EP drops on April 15th via Meritorio Records.

Boy with Apple Share Brighter Than the Sun

Sweden’s Boy with Apple have been hitting us with some really solid hits this year, and this might be the last tune we get for a minute, as the group head into the studio to record their debut album. This track kicks off with a little breakbeat, a throwback to all the sounds of late night 90s parties. But, it’s not nostalgia by any means, quickly shifting gears to move into the modern dream pop realm with these coated vocals and warm melodies caressing the backbeat. They’re combining the feel good elements of pop music with the darker corners of all things “gaze,” and I can definitely get behind that.

No Suits in Miami Sign with Shelflife

We’re big fans of Swedish hitmakers No Suits in Miami, and it looks like we’re not the only ones out there, as the group just announced they’re signing up with Shelflife to help release their new record. We’ve covered a few of the singles attached below, but when groups you love go big, you’ve got to send out a reminder. The four songs below all offer a tethered dream pop vibe, though I think each one illustrates the diversity the group aim to bring to Nothing Ever Happens; I think I’m definitely backing “Buffy” as one of my favorite tunes on this whole LP. The whole album drops on March 25th, but pressing play below allows you to sample four great pop tunes!

Boy with Apple Share Linger On

While Sweden’s Boy with Apple work on their debut album, they’re spending the Spring months dropping little breadcrumbs so we can follow along. I love everything about this latest track, drenched in these heavy notes and cascading guitar notes glittering across the song’s backdrop. Theres’s something about the vocals that shimmers and reverberates in your ears as the rhythm section thumps; it leaves you with this blanketing melodiousness that soothes you as the darkness echoes behind. Really love the way the band is working things out, and I’m super excited to hear where they end of with this debut; the new single is out today courtesy of Varo Records.

Salt Lake Alley Share I’m Always Near

There’s a certain brand of indiepop that always makes me think of discotheques after with fun lighting and easy flowing booze; I see myself in this scene, arms flailing and kicking up my feet on the dance floor while wearing a shit-eating grin across my face. I think of bands like the Lodger, and now I’m thinking of Salt Lake Alley; the Swedish duo with my favorite track of the week dropping today, courtesy of Shelflife. Just listen to the jangling guitars and the way they immediately get your toes tapping, coyly teasing you to join in on the fun in this tune; it’s like listening to the prime-era Smiths, except you know that this band isn’t full of shitty humans. You’ll find this track on their new LP, It Takes Two, out later this year.

Boy With Apple Share Strawberry Boy

Not sure about all the male dominated fruit in that title bar, but super sure that this new track from Sweden’s Boy with Apple is worth your time. They’ve been relatively quiet since their debut EP, and they’re bringing three new singles to the world this Spring before going back to recored their debut LP…one of which is below. It immediately submerges itself in the cavernous depths of post-punk, creating this shadowy atmosphere where you can hear faint jangling guitar notes skittering about in the distance. Zara Henriksson’s voice pulls off this playful stutter in the chorus that really caught my ear, mimicking some of those guitar notes in the distance. Fingers crossed they get that debut finished before too long.

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