No Suits In Miami Share the Robins Sang

Wanted to be sure that I had my daily dosage of Swedish pop rock covered, so here we are with the latest single from No Suits in Miami (guess they’re not Miami Vice fans!). I love the way the jangling drops in right in step with the bounding rhythm section, jointly giving the song a little caffeinated feel. Of course, I wouldn’t swoon so much if the vocals didn’t capture that dreaminess, coating the song in this sort of hazy melody. Listening carefully, there’s some brief moments when all the haze and dreaminess gets pulled back, leaving you with the simplest charms the band has to offer. If you’re now, or ever were, a fan of Sarah Records, then you’re likely going to want to invest time in this Swedish lot. Look for the band to release their album Nothing Ever Happens later this year.

Bolywool Drops Brand New Single

It’s no secret that Sweden is a hotbed of really sweet musical sounds, and Bolywool is the latest group to pop up on my radar. Their latest single opens beautifully, crashing into your ears with this frantic mess of noise and bubbling undercurrent of melody. Those noisier bits seem to take control, until the smoky vocals come into the picture for the verses; the voice seems to bat away the wash of distortion, clearing up the tune just briefly before the chorus comes in with another smashing bit of discordant noise. This tune will feature on their new album, Dead Reckoning, dropping this March!

Pink Milk Share New Single, I Lose My Mind

Having just recently released their album, Ultraviolet, Sweden’s Pink Milk return with this hazy bit of dreamy indulgence. Every musical note seems to shimmer, hanging in the air like some sort of foggy mist descending upon your bedroom as you play this track through your headphones. There’s something angelic and haunting in the vocals, like the faintest echoes from lives lived in the past; they seem to always be just out of reach, creating this sort of disorienting feeling that I assume ties into the title of the tune. So, if you’re into altering your mood this Monday morning, I suppose you can’t wrong immersing yourself into this experience. And be sure to also check on Ultraviolet.

Azure Blue Shares Define Your Dreams

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Rule of Thirds, Tobias Isaksson and his Azure Blue project share a brand new single, with hints at a future record on the way. This one hits hard immediately, pulling in a pulsing synth beat and these heavy grooves that drive the track forward. The song flirts with a dark edged vibe, though Isaksson’s voice constantly provides a melodic flourish that’s hard to ignore; I love how his vocals always seem to have some calming gravitational pull while the tunes pulse and push around him. For now, we’ll let you enjoy this new tune courtesy of Hybris Records, but we’ll keep you in the loop as we get more info on the new LP.

Salt Lake Alley Announce It Takes Two

The year’s had some great pop tune, though I’ll be honest, as I’m not quite sure that anything’s really delivered the supreme jangle that I deserve! Well, that all changes today when Salt Lake Alley announce their sophomore LP, on Shelflife no less! From the moment you press play the guitars skate and shimmy, sort of skirting around you speakers as the beat bounces lightly in the background. I love how Mikael and Gustav seem to be trading off vocal roles on this song, adding this real dynamic punch that charms a pop fan like myself. Oh, and please please hang out just pass the 1:37 mark as there’s one hell of a guitar solo just waiting to make you swoon over the hooks. Their new LP, It Takes Two won’t be out until 2022, but you can enjoy the first sample below!

Benz Shares Cave In Track

I’ve heard a few tracks from Ebba Salomonsson’s Benz project, and they’ve been stellar, though I’m always late to the game on posting them, and then I forget. But, with her latest, “Cave In,” I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to get this one out into the world. The pacing of the tune is intoxicating, perfect for late night drives under starlit highways or maybe that time when you float in space with Shatner. There’s a delicacy to Ebba’s voice that just pulls you deep within to the song, even as things begin to get a little more exploratory, with rougher edges that rattle your speaker. A lovely tune from the lovely This Could Be the End EP, out November 5th via Rama Lama Records.

Astral Brain Share A Dream Video

I’m sort of hooked on the sounds of Astral Brain; they seem to have hit upon a sound that sounds both present and slightly nostalgic. You can certainly hear the psychedelic construction in the guitars and the seductive steadiness of the vocal delivery; it lets you melt into the imagery of the video, which is perfectly suited. But, just as you felt comfort in a familiar sound, the track hits the 2:10 mark and takes on this jazzy bounce that adds an uplifting nod to the track’s heavy nature, allowing the tune to gallop towards a dreamy, yet energetic, close. Their album the Bewildered Mind is now available via Shelflife.

Shout Out Louds Are Back!

Shout Out Louds hold a dear place in the hearts of the ATH staff as they were truly one of the very first artists we covered and talked about back in the early days of our site. The group has some of my favorite indie music and albums from the last 10-12 years and they are just consistently great with everything they put out. Today the band announced their 6th studio album entitled, House, and also shared this stunning new tune “As Far Away As Possible”. As a long time fan, this sound shows a band who have grown and matured over the years from an indie pop band full of brightness and more into a fleshed out, tight band. It is really lovely.

House will be out on February 18th via Bud Fox Recordings in Sweden.

Sweet Serenades Return

Martin Norvdall is a guy who has been through a lot over his musical career and his time growing the name of his musical project known as Sweet Serenades. What was once a duo/group who played decent sized venues with songs in major TV shows, suddenly changed direction into a one man last year with the release of the highly underrated LP City Lights. Norvdall has certainly pivoted from the more indie rock vibe he started with and turned into a more dream pop focused sound which is highlighted particularly well on this new single “Go Go Go (Forever Young)”. For me, I think this could be the start of some truly great things in the future for the hard working artist. Enjoy this one now and be ready for more new tunes coming soon!

Dreamy Number From Mata Kopa

Mata Kopa is a Swedish based musical duo consisting of Miranda Raeder and Boris Grubesic. Since 2015, the duo has released a debut LP and spent tons of time touring all over Europe while building a name for the band. This year the Stockholm pair just dropped an EP entitled Go Buy the Sun, which features this standout track “Deep End”. On first listen, I was immediately drawn into the incredibly dreamy sounds and the impressive vocals of Raeder. Think Alvvays but with the occasional need to bust out some slick guitar spasms.

Go Buy the Sun EP is currently available to stream on Spotify.


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