SXSW 2014 Intervew: Panama

panamaIn the whirlwind that was SXSW we weren’t able to fit in all the great SXSW interviews that we had scheduled; we were out and about trying to check out music.  But, that being said, I wanted to share this interview with Panama…as the information presented clearly goes beyond just SXSW.  Please excuse my folly, and enjoy getting to know a bit about the rising band via Jarrah. And if you like the track at the bottom, their Always EP is available now. Read more

SXSW 2014 Interview: Burnt Ones

1913430_10151843650536330_1335524822_oThings are officially under way at the ATH offices; we’ve already caught several shows, and plan on heading out in an hour here to keep the rock n’ roll going.  But, as we close out our pre-SXSW press, we bring you this interview from Burnt Ones.  The band is just another in the long line of great Burger Records/Castleface Records coming into town this week.   Here’s the band’s answers….the rest of you have a safe week out there! Read more

SXSW 2014 Interview: The Mary Onettes

the-mary-onettes-Gunnar-BjörlingThe madness that is SXSW is upon us, and as we ready ourselves and our livers, we’ve got another interview featuring one of our favorite bands, The Mary Onettes.  The Swedish act has had mild success in the States, but their new music is really building a solid name for the band over here, so we hope that this little introduction encourages you to get on board with us.  If you do catch them…be sure to get one of those t-shirts.  Read more

SXSW 2014 Interview: Happy Diving

happySanFrancisco’s Happy Diving dwell in the realms of catchy guitar pop.  At times it’s completely noisy, but other times it’s filled with well crafted melodies that allow for maximum emotional involvment from listeners.  Their s/t EP for Father Daughter Records was a short blast of fun, and I expect their shows during SXSW to be filled with that same sense of revelry.  We caught up with Matt Berry from the group to grab a quick interview. Read more

SXSW 2014 Interview: Habits

habits-desertdoor-by-grant-gutierrezAs if you were thinking that we had no more interviews left… Silly you!  We’ve got tons more coming your way and today I have a featured one from L.A. based, synth heavy group Habits.  The brains behind the band, Dustin Krapes, was kind enough to offer his opinion on our pressing questions.  Follow the jump to see what he has to say. Read more

SXSW 2014 Interview: Bent Shapes

bentOne of our favorite acts from 2013 aims to kill it again in 2014.  Boston’s Bent Shapes play energetic rock n’ roll, making their album Feels Weird (Father Daughter Records) an exceptionally rewarding listen. We haven’t been able to catch them on tour yet, so we’re excited that they’re making it all the way down to Austin this year. Catch up with the band by reading our interview below with Ben. Read more

SXSW 2014 Interview: Blouse

blouseband-300x295Among the great stable of bands on Captured Tracks is Blouse, who changed things up on the release of their second album, Imperium.  They got rid of the synthesizers and other electronica elements, crafting a more powerful sound. I’ve always enjoyed watching their sets, and I look forward to seeing the live version of these newer tunes when they make it down to SXSW.  Here’s how they answered our interview questions while on the road to Austin. Read more

SXSW 2014 Interview: John Wesley Coleman

John Wesley Coleman IIIFor those of you living outside of Austin, please pay attention.  For those of you already here, you’re hopefully familiar with Austin’s John Wesley Coleman.  His solo work and his work with The Golden Boys remain a constant in this city, and we briefly caught up with him to get a few words before he starts playing all over town.  Check out what he had to say in response to our questions. Read more

SXSW 2014 Interview: Cocktails

601398_405080359582896_591050954_nI’m most definitely a sucker for some good crisp power-pop, which is one of the reasons I love the work of San Francisco’s Cocktails.  It doesn’t hurt that some of their work for Father Daughter Records was recorded by Matthew Melton of Warm Soda.  These guys are high up on my list of bands to catch at SXSW, and after reading a few words from the Patrick Clos and Lauren Matsui, maybe you’ll feel the same. Read more

SXSW 2014 Interview: Mutual Benefit

473217_390909804286889_152677526_oOf all the names on the list for SXSW, perhaps none has had a greater run-up than Mutual Benefit.  The work of the band has surely paid off with the praise heaped upon Love’s Crushing Diamond.  The band make their way to Austin riding that wave, with promise to live up to, and beyond, the hype that’s been ascribed to them.  Here’s how they answered some of our questions on their way into our city.  Read more

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