Field Medic Shares Used 2 Be a Romantic

There’s something about Field Medic that seems so familiar, like a friend playing me his story as we drink beers in apartment. That’s the sort of singer-songwriter vibe I always appreciate; it’s the personal, the empathy from shared experiences that makes you long for days gone long ago. The sound is pretty bare bones, mostly with strummed guitar and some lush arrangement; reminds me of Limbeck (did I just date myself?). Oh, and be sure to stick around for the last line; it’s an important one coming into SXSW…and any other time of the year. Fade into the Dawn comes out on April 19th via Run for Cover Records.

Brand New Murray Lightburn

I wonder if people are overlooking Murray Lightburn because he led the Dears…one of the many great Canadian acts everyone adored in the 00s. If that’s the case, then they’re surely missing out on something truly special, as Murray’s composition here illustrates what a great craftsman can accomplish. His guitar playing is almost hushed, letting it sort of ride on the back of his vocals; it allows him to really pull at every emotion within you as his voice billows through your speakers. This is a timeless classic, and it’s only just dropped; excuse me while I go press play one more time (or ten, probably). Look for Hear Me Out via Dangerbird this Friday. Also, because it seems like everyone is…Murray will be in town with his brilliant voice for SXSW.