PACKS Share Hold My Hand

This Friday we’ll be treated to the much anticipated debut album from PACKS, but before we get there, we should just indulge ourselves in one last little grungy ditty; I mean you can never really get enough of this lot if you ask me. They crank the song out in under 2 minutes, so they get right to it, with Madeline teasing the listener along over a mild guitar before the rest of the band drops in, and things get turned up into a classic pop rocker. I think one of the things I love about this band is how quickly they go from rock to really subtle pop nuances, even if they last for a mere three seconds, like Madline’s annunciation of “hand” at the 1:17 mark. Just good old clean fun. Take the Cake is out Friday via Fire Talk Records.

Packs Share Two Hands Video

I’ve been really high on the new Packs tunes; I love how Madeline Link seems to escape the trappings of super formulaic pop rock…at least in my mind, she’s not hitting the highlights like I’ve heard others do. For one, the guitar work here almost seems in demo form, the mix keeps it grounded, leaving listeners with the perfect slice of a pseudo-grunge riff; I can easily here the wrong person trying to blow up the volume there, but its softer side allows for Link’s voice to hold the whole of the song without much interference. Speaking of that voice, how are you not mesmerized by it? Has the perfect pitch and tone; I’m super stuck on it. Take the Cake will drop on May 21st via Fire Talk.

PACKS Drop Silvertongue + Announce Take the Cake

For many of us, “Silvertongue” is our first listen to PACKS, and what a way to start things off! It’s 3 minutes of fuzzy riffs and cooled vocals that announce the band as an act we should all have on our radar this year. Personally, I love the space the song gives to the guitar work, letting it ring out in various spots to keep the edge of the song there as singer Madeline Links lets her voice fade atop those riffs; it just gives the song more of a distinct feel, like it’s not being dialed in with a formula. My two cents anyways. Plus, better news is Take the Cake, the debut LP, will be out on May 21st via Fire Talk/Royal Mountain.

Pharmacy Keys Share Take the Cake

Really been enjoying this track from Cleveland’s Pharmacy Keys, so I why not start off today’s quarantine listening by sharing it with you. It started off with this sort of college rock nod, heavy riffs with underlying melody. But, what really grabbed me was the chorus, and the way the band combine their voices to harmonize, bringing the pop sensibility down upon us; it kind of reminds me to the way Harlem would pull off their gang vocals, only being done here in cool/calm fashion. If you dig what you’re hearing, the band are dropping their album Conjuress today.