Talkies Have a New LP and a Tour

Talkies have changed up the line-up slightly since their 2016 effort, Bright/Sunny, but one thing that always remains in the work of Ray Seraphin is his knack for crafting infectious melodies throughout. Our first listen to new work has a bit of a poppy fuzz to it; a natural throbbing bounce kicks the pace, with a guitar knifing it’s way into the mix from the background. Sort of reminds me of this band the Comas, or maybe a more rock-influenced version of Grandaddy…it’s fuzzy, but centered around Ray’s uncanny ability to incorporate a hook. Everything we’ve heard from the new LP shows a lot of maturity and polish, leading us to believe that Kowtow‘s going to be a must have album. The group drop the album on July 13th with a wild show at Barracuda that includes Sweet Spirit, Mean Jolene and the Donkeys…they’ll spend the rest of the month traveling out West. Yippee Ki Yay and Electrify Me Records will be handling the distribution of said record…so get your wallets ready. Keep an eye HERE for all the tour dates.

Go See Tres Oui, Talkies and more Tonight @ Cheer Ups

Looking around at various spots, and it looks like this show this evening over at Cheer Ups is the best place to maximize your good times/good music. For starters, Talkies are celebrating their Tape Release tonight, so you should go on over and support a local band. But, if you’re not one to support local music, at least cheer on all the bands, as Nothing Song has gotten together a pretty solid bill; you’ve got Tres Oui, Talkies (of course), Springtime and the Changes, and the Hermits. All of these are reason alone to venture out, but I’ll throw in a hit or two below to further entice you. Doors are at 9!

A Night Out: Small Black and Terry Malts

Hey, all. Catching up on sharing some show photos. Last Friday was an insanely busy night with bands like Real Estate, Small Black and Terry Malts headlining around The Red River Cultural District. It meant meeting different groups of friends and seeing more bands in one night that some people see all year. Don’t you feel sorry for them?

Bands in order of appearance – Nite, Talkies, Small Black, Business of Dreams, Hidden Ritual, Terry Malts.

So click through for some notes about dinner, drinks, bands and coughing fits with a nice big gallery.

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Show Pics: Mean Jolene Record Release

mean-jolene-release-03Just before the madness of Sound on Sound Fest (roundup and galleries coming soon), ATH records hosted a little get together at Cheer Up for Mean Jolene’s Salty.

Half of the band, Jolie and Adam, were still on a Cubs related high. What better way to celebrate a historic World Series win than by releasing a record? Will and Ben may or may not have been hungover. The band had too many friends and too much fun. Tiger tall boys. Tater tots. Satin jackets. Flying earrings.

Joining in on the festivities were Talkies, The Bond Twins, HeyBaby and Summer Salt, so pics after the break. Sorry to Summer Salt for hitting the wall after a long day.

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