The Hermits Share No Replacement Video

Almost exactly a year ago we were fortunate to put out the excellent self-titled LP by the Hermits. And, the great thing about great songs is that they never die, so the band wanted to share their video for standout track, “No Replacement.” This is one of my favorite tunes from the record (and their phenomenal live sets); I love the way the guitar seems to skitter back and forth, unleashing this crashing wave of psychedelic noise right in your face. For me, the band has always seemed to be just this creative blanket of weird draped over a really heavy pop band, and I couldn’t be happier to have had even the slightest hand in getting this song (and the rest) into the world. We’ve got a handful of copies of the tape left over HERE, but be sure to just stream the LP as much as possible! Plus, keep an eye out for shows…as the live band now features a new Hermit; there are four Hermits!

Figure Austere Share Drippy Eyes Video

France is a hotbed of incredible pop music as of the last few years, and the good people over at Solidarity Club Records are bringing the bedroom pop stylings of Figure Austere all the way from Evry, France to your doorstep. In the song below you have a father dealing with the anxieties of his child, which as portrayed in the video comes with a sense of melancholy. But, children are resilient, and by the end of the video you’ve turned that frown upside down. Musically, the song recalls to me a sort of vague homage to Kings of Convenience, though spun through a sort of upbeat synthesized mixer; it’s energetic, but still feels supremely personal. If you love the song, That’s Gone Now is available today, so grab a copy HERE.

New Split Tape from Baby Bleu/Rose Selavy!!

babybleurosecoverRemember that one time we put out that rad 7″ from Rose Selavy and Templo X? It’s HERE just in case. But, more importantly, Rose Selavy is teaming up with Baby Bleu for a split tape release via Merdurhaus Records. I’m pretty sure it’s something you’re going to want to add to your tape collection (or MP3 if that’s your bag). It’s going to be released on a super limited basis, which means you’re going to have to hurry, especially after you hear the two tracks they’re previewing below. Give it all a listen, then go grab it from MR over HERE.

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ATX Spotlight: Slow Pulse from High Church

12509726_1041479649238309_9059295947368137274_nI found this tune from High Church floating around the Austin Internet yesterday, and was quite intrigued upon listening. There’s an electronic pulse that takes the song forward, moving slowly in the dark. But, in order to grab the listener, there’s a light vocal resting on top, which is reinforced by some vocal samples to boot. Just another act to keep an eye on as Austin’s electronic underground blossoms far from the spotlight. Expect a tape featuring this track in April.

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Jam Fresh Tunes and B-Sides from The Ocean Party

MANDNI was over the moon to have a hand in releasing the last album from The Ocean Party, Light Weight (buy it HERE). But, much as I’ve come to expect from the group, they’re already writing new songs and offering you some other little bits to entice you to fall in love with them. Some of these tracks are left from the batch that made up Light Weight, while others are versions that are likely to appear on their next record. Each track is worthy of listening, and they’ll all appear on the Mess & Noise Critics Poll 2015 tape…being released on February 29th. Need pop music today? You won’t find much better! Stream it all below.

Beautifully Drenched Pop from Meridians

It took me a minute, or a few seconds rather, to get what Meridians were going for, with the song slowly inching away in ambient noise before Julie’s voice enters into the picture.  Seconds later and surely you’re sinking into the details of the song.  Her voice begins quietly, and the guitar seeps into the track.  It’s not long before her partner Trevor joins her, ever so slightly, leaving a slight contrasting echo in the far off distance. This track is featured on the group’s self-titled album, which just got a tape release from the beautiful people over at Cakes and Tapes.  You can click HERE for a video of the track.


Download:Meridians – Sunrise [MP3]