The Proper Ornaments Drop Please Release Me

On the latest single from the Proper Ornaments, the group has come back to the slow burning pop style that turns magical on dreary days. A piano line (or two) walks this track along, allowing plenty of space for the amble atop the mix. There’s a slight uplift, an added synth sound, during the chorus, elevating the vibe, albeit momentarily. It’s a pretty tranquil number, however, seemingly built on the tradition of pop music from the 60s, where the focus is on budding harmonies that blossom and bloom in your speakers. The group will release Six Lenins on April 5th via Tapete Records.

Elva Announce Debut LP

There’s been whispers of an Elva full-length ever since they dropped their first single, but they’ve picked up over the last month…and that time is apparently near. The group, featuring former members of Allo Darlin and Making Marks, have announced Winter Sun via Tapete Records. At this point, we’re only getting snippets, but they’re lengthy snippets, so it warrants a post…not to mention it’s always wonderful to hear Elizabeth Morris voice coming through my speakers. It looks like she and Ola will be trading vocal duties for the band’s forthcoming release, or at least that’s what we get here in these teasers. So for now, just over 4 minutes to show you how wonderful Elva can be…and then we wait until April!

Robert Forster Shares New Single

I had everything mapped out today, scheduled and what not, then Robert Forster goes and drops a single from his new album. I’ve spent countless hours listening to Inferno, and I can tell you that it’s quickly grown to be one of my favorites. There really feels like two sides: a gentler, elegant side and powerful pop numbers, like this one; it kind of sounds like Robert meets Pulp. I love how he stretches his voice into a curled growl on this one, aided by a nice backing vocal to smooth out the edges. Robert is one of the greatest songwriters of our time, at least in my meaningless opinion; I know a handful of others who would agree. Inferno drops March 1st via Tapete Records.

Brand New Music from The Proper Ornaments

Those of you still distraught over the disbanding of Ultimate Painting will be more than happy to know that The Proper Ornaments are still going, which is James’ other band (among many). They’ve got a new record titled Six Lenins, with the first single a song for John Lennon. Interestingly, it’s almost a bedroom pop hit. Sampled percussion and keys walk you into the track, working mostly with the the rise and fall of the voice; there’s some guitar work, but it’s not the dominating feature of this tune. There’s something subtle about this track, unassuming in its presentation, you’ll find it seeping into your soul like only the best tunes can. The album will drop on powerhouse label Tapete Records on April 5th.

New Music from Nick Garrie

Nick Garrie released the stunning The Nightmare of JB Stanislas back in 1969, but went mostly quiet, despite how revered his work was at the time. Luckily, Elefant got him to reissue it, which led to a few more albums on various labels in the following years. Now, word has come that we might see a new LP in 2019 via Tapete Records….at the very least we have a new single. His music seems timeless, even now, gentle and soothing, with the focus on great wordplay. It’s going to be hard for you to listen to this song and not feel someone pulling at your insides, tugging every emotion out of you.

Did You Hear the New Comet Gain Single

I’m late to the game on this one, though I’ve known about (and ordered!) this new Comet Gain single for some time, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to take a stroll down the road with David Feck and friends. There’s something playful and heartfelt in Feck’s songs, and yet something one could attach to a sort of everyman type; he makes you feel like a friend sharing a story. I love the way he sort of speeds up his lyrics in certain incidents, like he’s racing to get to the point, then drops back to a more casual vibe. I could, and probably more often than not, listen to this band every day. If you’re so inclined, grab the new 7″ from Tapete Records…an LP is to follow next year.

Another Single from Simon Love

About a month ago we brought you a gem of a tune from Simon Love, formerly of the Loves. Well, under the radar he went and slipped a new infectious number right on by us, but I’m here to make amends. There’s a rousing stomp from the percussion, with pounding organ/keys bounding throughout the song to match. Love offers a melodic indiepop performance, standing juxtaposed to the gallows humor of the accompanying video. Still, from start to finish, Simon’s songs always just seem so well-crafted, suited for any time of year. Sincerely, S. Love X will be released on July 6th via Tapete Records.

Premiere: Simon Love Readies New LP

Pop fans will recognize Simon Love as the driving force behind The Loves, a group that recorded several records for Fortuna Pop and Track/Field back in the 00s. Now, Simon is working the solo angle, and preparing to release Sincerely, S. Love X. Today we’ve got one of the great hits, an ode to the dearly departed Joey Ramone..or is it? That’s the thing with Simon’s work, you never know exactly what he’s getting at, and thematically, his messaging could be applied to a variety of situations. Musically, he’s fashioned a blend of garage pop rock and doo-wop. Backing vocals and layered horns drive home the song’s natural melody, but also exemplify his willingness to build a wall of sound in his own way; there’s just a classical vibe here, both poppy and enduring. The new record is being released on July 6th by the esteemable Tapete Records.

Premiere: Pete Astor Shares Title Track from One for the Ghost

Having vaguely known about Pete Astor through The Loft, it wasn’t until the 2016 release of Spilt Milk that I fully delved into his music. From that point on I’ve grabbed all the old stuff, but I’m really excited for his new LP, One for the Ghost. Today we’re sharing the title track from said album, envisioning you all rushing to your computers to figure out who is the man behind these charming songs. Not sure where you fit Astor’s musical stylings of late…somewhere between the popularized jangle and the grit of casual guitar pop; it’s almost as if this is troubadour-esque…but with a little bit more poetic punch in the lyrical content. Press play, be charmed and grab the new LP from Tapete Records on February 16th.


The Monochrome Set Have a New Album

In certain circles, the Monochrome Set are the legendary sort; they’re the band you secretly slide into a compilation for a crush, hoping that said person will realize either, how cool you are or how odd you are. They’ve been fairly active since the late 70s, save for a period in the 00s when all was silent. Luckily, recent times has seen the band reformed and working vigorously, with the announcement that they’ll be releasing a new LP titled Maisieworld via Tapete Records. The band still have this spritely quality, and I’m quite fond of the playful keyboard work in the back of this track; you’ll find it hard to ignore the natural swing of the track. Clearly the band still have few peers; look for their new effort on February 9th.


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