Last Week’s Jams, Today (September 20 – 24)

Here we are kicking off another great week in life, am I right? We wanted to start your Monday with a glance over our shoulders at last week’s hits. I think we covered some pretty great stuff last week, some of which you might have only been able to find through us, some of it you just need to be sure you check out. Love the new Ovlov track, and can’t stop playing this Smallgoods album; you’d also do well to visit that Japan Review tune too! Tons of different vibes, which is always our vibe. Have a good week loves.

Tears to Go Share Electronics SIngle

We’ve featured Tears to Go previously, having been fans of Elena’s previous band, When Nalda Became Punk, and now that there’s another single, its time we get that one out in front of you. As you’ll notice, her solo work is still dwelling in the pop realms, though its clearly taken on a more dreamy element to things, which puts in the vein of like-minded acts such as Beach House. This tune’s obviously (just look at the title!) is filled with a wash of synth work; it has a very nostalgic feel to it, though I love when the vocals rise up just a bit in the chorus. Patronizing Self-Help will be out on October 15th!

Bops of the Week: July 5th – 9th

Here we are on another Monday, about halfway through the musical calendar, and while I should probably be working on one of those magically meaningless “Midway Best Of,” I feel like I’d be letting down our friends if we didn’t do our wrap-up of the goods from last week. Honestly, and I won’t throw out names, but there are some jams that would certainly make my best of the year list…one in particular. Can you guess it? Also, some of the new stuff by Love, Burns and Normil Hawaiians isn’t streaming, so I linked you to some of their other work you might enjoy. Mostly, it’s Monday, and I like to make this playlist for my friend Marc, so he doesn’t have to read anything and just gets music. Happy Monday folks!

Pleased To Meet You: Tears to Go

In a way, I hope you’ve all met Tears to Go, though the project is brand new. It’s the solo work of Elena Sestelo, who was once part of When Nelda Became Punk (Shelflife); she’s just announced Patronizing Self-Help, the debut album. Our first listen gives us the title track, with Elena’s voice taking on a slightly dreamy brand, with the musical element leaving lots of space for the song to swell. Used to Sestelo’s immediacy from her previous work, I found myself pleasantly surprised with how carefully this song unfolds; the piano notes are hit with purpose, like an emphatic stomp on our souls, as angelic backing vocals are layered to create this otherworldly experience. If you dig what you’re hearing, then you’re going to want to check back in the Fall when the debut is released courtesy of I Need Some Company Records.