ATX Weekend Show Preview

Red7It’s that time once again folks, the weekend! Now, SXSW is nigh so we sort of (not really) understand if you want to stay home out of the somehow still cold weather. But if you’re like us and just can’t resist the live tunes, here’s a list of the shows, in no particular order that you shouldn’t be missing tonight and tomorrow night.  

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Austin Spotlight: Technicolor Hearts

a3436299103_10After maybe a year or two of what seemed like a lull in the Austin music scene, I’m incredibly excited to see the wealth of new and talented bands that have been popping up recently.  This city is the live music capital for a reason so we need you starving artists to keep it that way.  Today I’m sharing with you new find Technicolor Hearts.  This new project comes your way from former Agent Ribbons member Naomi Cherie and her pal Joseph Salazar. They together have created these great driving, almost trance like sort of beats with swirling guitar riffs sucking us in throughout their tunes.  This track below, “Pretty”, is a perfect example of that.  You’ll certainly be bobbing your head.

Check out the band’s new EP Under the Big Blue Umbrella Sky over on bandcamp.


Download: Technicolor Hearts – Pretty [MP3]

Show Preview: Prince Rama + Silk Rodeo Debut @ Red 7 (6.23)


Date Sunday, June 23rd
Location Red 7
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $8 from Transmission

The last time I caught Prince Rama in town, I was mesmerized by their performance, so it goes without saying that you should take it upon yourself to catch such an incredible show.  But, more importantly, there are a slew of local Austin acts kicking things off, such as Sleep Over and Technicolor Hearts.  More importantly, we’ll all be treated to the debut of new Austin band, Silk Rodeo.  A member of the live act has called the music “smooth wave” and promised lasers! You don’t want to miss that.  You can catch a video of the band’s single, “All Yr Own” right HERE.  Show up early, support the locals, and tip the bartenders; it’s going to be a special night from all the acts.


Download: Prince Rama – Rest In Peace [MP3]