Last Week’s Jams (12.12 – 12.16)

The end is near my friends, at least for 2022. We’ll likely be popping in and out over the holidays, but songs (and motivation) will be minimal, so don’t expect too much from us on our end. That said, we do have one last Last Week’s Jams to run for you, with a solid amount of hits. I left out all the Best Of lists…but do check out RayRay’s Best Songs and my Top 50 Albums, if you’re so inclined. I made sure to cover the new Galore EP and Fine. LP, plus we got lots of all around jams from the likes of Classic and Packs and more. Browse, listen to it all. Do you. See ya with more jams in 2023!

Ted Tyro Release Devil Single

If you like your rock n’ roll with a little wiggle and groove, you need to latch onto Kentucky’s Ted Tyro. Their latest single has the band snaking through these post-punk grooves, sort of slinking their way through these funky little rhythms that ultimately make the song a bit more playful than it might seem to outsiders. That’s one of the lovely things here, as the group aren’t just frantically pushing angular riffs and hook-laden rhythms, instead choosing to kind of incorporate this sort of melodic mantra in the middle that really rewards time and time again. Catch on to this cool before the grown-ups take it away!

Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.11 – 4.15)

Hello there Monday. We’re starting off with a bunch of jams this week that we gladly covered, though admittedly some were pretty obscure, which I’m totally cool with today. The most popular tunes we had out come from a couple of Tims, but we had new music from Ceremony and the Citradels. I was introduced to Guy Capecalatro III last week, and while we wait for his new album to stream, I included an older tune in hopes it finds you looking for new meaningful voices. Sit back, turn it on and let time pas you by.

Ted Tyro Release How Can Single

A band featuring members of Wombo and Murals, dedicated to the sounds of Talking Heads and Omni, is surely going to find its way on our pages. So, here we are with Ted Tyro and their latest single. Let the first half of the song set the scene, calmly wrapping guitar notes around you, allowing the vocals to sedate you as the drum work keeps time. Then, you hit the 1 minute mark and the chorus jumps in, shifting the focus into that more artful twist and turn you might find in a track from the aforementioned Omni. But, I’m digging on how its a little heavier here, at least in tone, just on the cusp the angular ways alluded to elsewhere, but rounded and darker…as the band are clearly making their own path with this fresh tune.

Ted Tyro Drop Reappears EP

I’m out here trying to get you all those oddball pop numbers for you weekend weirdos, and I’m thinking that this new EP from Ted Tyro might do the trick. I want to focus on “Sea Glass,” my favorite of the 4 tunes. It has this warp in the production, keeping the song’s wonky flavor while the track slow-slinks along; the lyrics seem like they’re prancing through the distance, careful not to traipse too heavily upon our ears. It’s just playful enough to reach into the pop sphere of things, despite jumping through the warped textural touches of this gem. Venture into the Reappears EP if you will; it will be out on Obsolete Staircases this Fall.