Last Week’s Jams (9.5 – 9.8)

Just because we took Monday off last week, it didn’t mean we were taking it easy; I think I posted 11 things in one day, simply because there’s been so much great jams to get turned onto. Austin had tons of representation with TVs Daniel, Motorsports, Friday Boys, DAIISTAR and Feeling Small, but my own love for Spanish-language pop was made all the better with tunes from Melenas and Mint Field coming our way. Teenage Tom Petties were back for the attack, with a new album announcement. Plus, there’s some reissue news with Kath Bloom and Single Bullet Theory getting coverage. So yeah, music! Whoohoo!

Teenage Tom Petties Share Stoner; Announce Hotbox Daydream

There’ve been lots of little breadcrumbs in the past few weeks leading to today’s announcement that there’s a fresh Teenage Tom Petties LP headed our way in November. Originally an outlet for Tom Brown of Rural France, the first record set the scene for fast-paced slacker rock, the sort that ripped through the speakers of your freshman dorm room. Now a full band, they’ve returned with that same ferocity, perhaps with a touch more sheen on the vocals and recording. Don’t get me wrong, the heavy-handed riffs are there, but this opening single from their new LP offers a lot more melody to listeners on its initial runs; the chorus has this calmed cool to it while you can hear the rhythm single waiting to break free from its leash and bound through the room. Hotbox Daydreams will be out on November 3rd via Safe Suburban Home/Repeating Cloud.

Last Week’s Jams (3.27 – 3.31)

For some reason I felt like we were nursing a SXSW hangover, just a week later than normal. But, in all that, still found tons of great tunes to write about and share. Good to see personal faves like Lachlan Denton and Greg Mendez popping up (with that Greg tune getting tons of love), plus some videos from the likes of Low Praise and 7ebra gave us a chance to revisit some singles we’d been keeping an eye on. Also, some local love for Troller and Houston’s Alien Eyelid, so trying to keep it Texas ya’ll. Stream on!

Teenage Tom Petties Share New AA Single

Teenage Tom Petties won us over with the self-titled LP they dropped, but they don’t miss a beat with their brand new punchy AA single. Both tunes on the single are anthemic jangling pop-punk, perhaps with more allegiance to punk. Honestly, “Posters” is precisely the style of pop punk that has me screaming at the top of my lungs as I mow the lawn and frighten the neighbors; the riffs are fast and furious, with a steady rhythm and lyrics you can easily sing too. Plus, the brevity of the singles make it easy to press play and run through them both again and again, just to memorize the hook-laden fun! Coming to us courtesy of Safe Suburban Home/Repeating Cloud.

Teenage Tom Petties Share Boxroom Bangers

Tom Brown’s new project (he also plays in RF!) is dropping their self-titled debut at the beginning of June, and we’re here to suggest you give the band a solid listen. This track operates around a meandering sort of heavy guitar jangle; it feels like the guitars chasing you this way and that through dirty back alleys in some no-name British town. But, it also feels very much like Ohio, more specifically Dayton, as it’s hard to really distance Brown’s vocal approach from Bob Pollard. Still, Teenage Tom Petties success is the ability to really bleed the edges between guitar pop and those grittier moments of punkier alternative that erupted in the 90s. Look for their debut LP on June 3rd via Safe Suburban Home Records.

Teenage Tom Petties Share Boatyard Winch

We spent a lot of time last year supporting Rural France, the London duo of Tom Brown and Rob Fawkes; they dropped RF via Meritorio Records. But, Tom now has his own new project, Teenage Tom Petties that should definitely pop up on your radar today. This project isn’t a far stretch from RF, though there’s definitely a grittier feel to both the recording and the style itself…perhaps connecting the dots via a Boyracer or the like would work, in 7 degrees of Indie Pop. On the vocals, Tom definitely has a big Bob Pollard feel here, so the whole thing is built around this huge lo-fidelity guitar pop feel that very much feels like something GBV would have influenced. It’s a jam, and you like jams. The band will have a full album coming this summer via Safe Suburban Homes.