Another Hit from Teether & Kuya Neil

Why not start off Tuesday with a little hip-hop, since you know, its not every day that pops up on our radar. This Teether & Kuya Neil is the latest pickup from Chapter Music, and honestly, it kind of feels like what you’d get if you took those old Dizzee Rascal hits and slowed things down to an almost creep…then they smooth it out with this haunting little bounce. But, one of the reasons I love the work of this duo is that they draw strong narratives in their lyrical content, with this track taking on their own background as children of immigrants. They’ll drop their GLYPH Mixtape this coming November.

Last Week’s Jams, Today!

Ray and I go back to work full-time, kids and all, so let’s start off our first real week of work with last week’s sweet sweet jams. It’s just an easy way to ease into your Monday with a look back at what you might have missed had you not been glued to our site! We’re all over the place with new stuff from Suuns and the Shivas, plus some Austin love as always by including the latest from TC Superstar, Nolan Potter, Brother Sports and a tune off the new Alexalone LP…so browse, enjoy, tell your friends. Or don’t. Who needs that pressure on Monday?

Chapter Music Sign Teether & Kuya Neil

You’d be forgiven for having expectations when it comes to a Chapter Music release/signing; I’m probably even guilty on my end of promoting a certain sound from the label. But, if you look into the label’s discography, as well as their online tastes, you’re going to see a really diverse sound, which no doubt influenced their latest signing Teether & Kuya Neil. Today the label announced they’d signed up with the band to work with them on the follow up to their acclaimed God of Surprises EP. The duo’s sound combines the lyrical flows of rapper Teether with Neil’s darkened dance beats, leaving you with this eclectic sound that’s hard to pigeonhole. Is it rap? Is it down tempo electro? Well, I’m not sure, but its good, and thus, warrants your enjoyment.