Icarus Phoenix Shares Too Many Hands Video

Going back through my emails this week, I’ve been sleeping on dropping this Icarus Phoenix video, which has been out for a hot minute. Still, I love Drew Danburry’s songwriting, particularly in this project, so it seems fitting as I’m circling back to include the latest tune from the forthcoming Sometimes Our Shadow Gets in the Way. This round, Drew is joined up by Josaleigh Pollett, who adds a nice balance to the song and helps detail the song’s story of a toxic relationship; she plays a nice foil with a more pensive tone in her voice, mixing up the textural balance in a traditional duet sense. This new LP will be out on Telos Tapes on April 7th.

Icarus Phoenix Shares New Single

Last year I implored you all to dabble in the world of Icarus Phoenix, the songwriting moniker of Drew Danburry; the self-titled album from last year was a secret gift I hope some of you unwrapped. But, not one to sit back, it seems the band has a new album slated for a Fall release, and we’re being treated to a delightful tune right here. Interestingly, the song opens up in phase one, in what I’ll call the Ben Gibbard phase; it’s soft and enchanting, radiating warmth. Then the song begins to swell, more instruments and nuance building that textural depth that fascinates us all, rising from the ashes like the phoenix itself. I just love what Drew’s doing, so looking forward to another new LP this September.

Icarus Phoenix Shares New Video

Last fall, Drew Danburry released a remarkable collection of songs under the Icarus Phoenix moniker; I raved about the release on these very pages here, though its possible you missed out on those. But, for me, the brand new video for album track “Cassie Knows, or How a Shy Person Says I Love You” is reason enough to re-celebrate that release…not to mention the joy at marveling in Danburry’s ability to craft great pop and illustrated his own videos! Drew’s got this natural kindness in his voice, the sort that I marveled at when I first heard Stuart Murdoch, so that should set the tone for you. Thematically, the tune revels in the present, appreciating the fact that we’re here today, so take a breath, listen to this and be grateful you were given today. This album’s available via Telos Tapes.

Stream Icarus Phoenix Self-Titled LP

Icarus Phoenix is the current project of Drew Danburry, and while I can’t guarantee that it will change your world, I’m honestly hoping that you give it that chance. The whole of this record requires time, requires you to let your body go, lose everything you have in the quiet notes trickling through your headphones. If you’re looking for musical comparisons, I’ve been sort of feeling that it’s this weird hybrid of Badly Drawn Boy and Elliott Smith; there are these quiet beautiful moments that reek of Smith homage, yet there’s this grand nature of composition that plays on the latter…so it’s like late-era Britpop draped in the coat of sad bastards, and it’s oh so beautiful. The LP is available digitally and on cassette from Telos Tapes.