Another Mo Troper Hit

With Mo Troper‘s Natural Beauty just on the horizon, he’s sharing another track to entice your ears. This one definitely feels like it’s got an old school emo sound to it, and mind you, I’m not knocking that at all. It reeks of emotion and intimacy, while still sounding powerful behind the burst of the guitar chords. I love the moment that begins with the line “when we were young” just at the 34 second mark; its just the perfect pop nugger to devour. Something about Mo just makes me happy; if you’re in the same boat, check out his new record Natural Beauty on Tender Loving Empire on February 14th.

Mo Troper Shares In Love with Everyone

Forgive me for expecting Mo Troper to continue crafting these hook-laden gritty rock numbers for his new album, Natural Beauty. It would seem that Mo’s completely flipped the script here, brandishing more of a penchant for pop than anything. The orchestration behind Troper’s songwriting has definitely added some great textural layers to this tune, but I’m still all about that chorus; I love the way his voice soars when he sings “when I was younger/it was fun.” This feels like one of those unexpected albums that you just fall in love with, trying to convince all your friends its the greatest things out there! Natural Beauty is out via Tender Loving Empire on February 14th.

Mo Troper Announce Natural Beauty

I’ve been completely onboard with the first two Mo Troper LPs, so it only seems fitting to jump on board with his new one Natural Beauty, just announced on Friday. It’s clear through his growth that Mo’s intent upon banging out hook-laden pop songs, not too far off from where the early works of the New Pornographers dwelled. Even then, some of Troper’s devein-may-care attitude from his early days seeps through, which ends up sort of leaving you with this fuzzy guitar pop stomp that you’ll have spinning in your head for hours. Natural Beauty will be released by Tender Loving Empire on February 14th.

The Shivas Are Back with Dark Thoughts

We’ve always been avid supporters of The Shivas throughout the years, so when news comes our way about a new record, you better bet we’re going to be on board. Dark Thoughts is said to be an album of deep reflection, and the latest single was penned by drummer Kristin Leonard, sharing her story of coming to grips with the various aspects that make up her identity (including asshole TMs); she also happens to be the star of this here video. For me, I love how my world’s collide. I’ve been listening to a lot of doc-wop from the 50s/60s as of late, and there’s definitely a nostalgic bent in this song’s sound, though it’s funneled through the very modern production lens. The band have always had that, which is one of the reasons we’ve always found them endearing here at ATH. Dark Thoughts drops on October 25th via Tender Loving Empire.

The Shivas Never Fail

Man it’s always nice when a band you can rely on for quality, no frills rock music puts out new music right before the weekend. Today on of our old favorites The Shivas are dropping said rock tune with this new track “Gloria”. As we’ve come to expect from the band, the track features a great psych rock themed, droning rock number with great guitars and reverb. This band continues to be one of those that everyone should have heard about by now.

The Shivas will release new album Dark Thoughts on October 25th via Tender Loving Empire.

Powerful Pop Hit from The Domestics

Saw this new track from The Domestics pop up at GFP last week, and it’s a pretty stunning song. I was first drawn in by the careful chords that open the song, drifting in before being joined by a soft croon as the song progresses; I could have been happy with this first 1.5 minutes, but the band’s not done. They pick up their sound, first swelling with a broad wash of pop emphasis, then jump off into a bouncing explosiveness that reminds me, slightly, of Vampire Weekend. Their album Little Darkness will be released by Tender Loving Empire on September 1st.

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A Sure Hit From Dave Depper

The danceable tracks just don’t seem to stop coming today and the latest groove is from Dave Depper and features the lovely vocals from Laura Gibson to help out. “Your Voice On The Radio” packs a lovely blend of electro pop and dueling vocals with a proper build up and hooky chorus to get you singing along. From the start you get pulsating synths that bubble under and grow the tension with aid from some psychedelic guitar riffs. Of course you can’t ignore the crisp vocal aid from Laura Gibson that makes the track really stand out in terms of electro pop. Take a listen and get stoked for Dave Depper’s upcoming release, Emotional Freedom Technique, which will be out June 9th via Tender Loving Empire.


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Playful Pop from Jared Mees

Feeling good on a Friday, and figured we should start off our day with a little bit of bouncing pop. Jared Mees brings in another great single, working his voice over electronic beats, crooning atop of spirited backing tracks. It’s reminiscent of early Dent May tunes, offering careful poetry that energetically rides the internal melody of the tune. It’s all in good fun, so why not ride this track into the afternoon? Look for Jared’s new LP, Life is Long, which comes out on Tender Loving Empire next Friday!

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Latin Love from Y La Bamba

ylabambaIf you find you’re struggling to make it to the end of the week, then perhaps you should take a listen to this new track from Y La Bamba; I promise that you’ll find it uplifting. This track seems to combine elements of beach sound with traditional Spanish guitar working just beneath the mix. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll find that the core of the song has this vibrancy that’s undeniable; I don’t know, I’m in love with this track. Look for the new album, Ojos del Sol, to come your way on September 9th via Tender Loving Empire.

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Willis Earl Beal is a Gem

willisSometimes you come across an artist that garners hype all over the place, but you really want to stay away from all that nonsense. That being said, I can no longer ignore Willis Earl Beal and I apologize for waiting so long. He’s just upped a new single from his forthcoming Through the Dark EP, and it’s pretty magnificent. It’s one of those rare songs that comes across with a focus on the power of voice, and a remarkable one at that. The instrumentation is pretty light, though it crafts a beautifully haunting playground for Willis and his accompanying vocalist to soar. Look for the digital EP on April 1st via Tender Loving Empire.

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